What fresh (refrigerator) hell is this?

bookmom41October 19, 2013

I have this KitchenAid french door fridge. The icemaker is in the left refrigerator door. I was putting away groceries and found an ice formation on the back wall up where it meets the "ceiling" of the fridge. This is looking like a leak somewhere... Anyone have any clue as to what this might be? Not feeling very happy since this refrigerator is maybe 6 months old..it replaced the first one which failed after a few months of "service."

Sorry if the link is not working! It is the KFIS29PBMS-aka KitchenAid Architect II

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Oh dear, I'm sorry for your troubles. We are considering buying this fridge (counter depth, KitchenAid Architect series, French-door) -- however, would prefer NOT to have the ice maker for this reason. :(

Let us know how you get on. Good luck!

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There is a water line that goes across the top of the refrigerator and to the door. It looks like one of the fittings may be dripping.

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Thank you both for the responses. The fridge is still under warranty, luckily, and someone is coming out to take a look at it later this week. Jakvis, I appreciate that guess; that sounds like an easy fix, if that is what it is.

litehearted, we have not had much luck with this refrigerator model. We purchased the first one 11 months ago; it failed, spectacularly, with a sealed system leak within a few months, and KA sent out a new one...which we rejected because the doors were so dang crooked it was almost funny. This one seemed fine till I saw the iceberg on the wall. Prior to this run of Kitchenaids gone bad, we had a Samsung french door which developed a sealed system leak within two or so years of purchase. My dh and I both had to battle with Samsung to get them to honor their warranty. Before the Samsung, we had an ugly impractical GE side by side, which worked without a single repair for 18 years--when we got rid of it, it was still working just fine.

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Any luck having this resolved?

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