Thoughts on this list of 5 appliances?

building_a_houseOctober 28, 2012

What are your thoughts about this list of appliances?

Dishwasher: Bosch 500 series. Seems to be one of the more popular recommendations for "bang for your buck" on GW.

Refrigerator: LG counter depth 24.6 cu ft. Seems to be the largest and most well reviewed CD refrigerators I can find. Also the most expensive.

Rangetop: Capital Culinarian 36". Also considering the Blue Star but can't find any published pricing to compare. If I had to choose I would probably choose the Blue Star.

Dual Wall Ovens: Electrolux 30" Wave Touch. Seems to be one of the favorites on GW. Can't afford Wolf.

Microwave: Sharp 24" microwave drawer. No sense in going with anyone else since they are all made by Sharp anyway.

I will post the layout of my kitchen.

Appreciate any feedback!!!

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Here is the kitchen layout. We are just starting construction but haven't finalized the kitchen layout yet.

To the left is the Hearth Room. To the top is the breakfast area with a built-in window seat.

Thinking about putting the microwave drawer in the island. Otherwise will likely keep the layout as drawn.

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No long term report, but we have had the LG fridge since August and love it. Bought it at Sears where I had 10 days to price match it, ended up paying 2600.00 something for it. A GF bought the Kenmore counterpart and is on her 3rd. I opted against the Kenmore counterpart; liked the LG better, the Kenmore does have differences, Kenmore 5 year service agreement is almost double the price of the LG and I wodnered why. I did opt for the maintenance agreement on it, figured it was the cost of an ice maker replacement which seems to be the problematic part of most fridges.

We are a family of 5. We came from a 24 cubic foot side by side which had a much larger footprint but worse storage. I honestly can't see needing something bigger than this. I cook from scratch, shop once a week and this does me just fine. We do have a small chest freezer in the basement for overflow for the freezer.

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Great feedback.

We are a family of 4. I also have an old fridge and also a small chest freezer that I will put in the garage (for overflow as well).

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I can't comment on all your appliances, just on the DW and fridge. Re the DW, I am not so sure I agree that Bosch "is one of the more popular on GW". Many find it smaller inside than its competition, and for a while there was some issue with odors in the Bosches, though that may have been taken care of. The best thing for you to do when shopping for a DW is go to where they are on display, bring with you a couple of your dishes, and something large that you tend to put in the DW. It's amazing how the real-life example will help with your decision. Don't be shy about it in the store; many people bring in their stuff to see how it fits. When we were shopping for a DW, we found the Bosches to be too small, the GE's to have tines that seemed rickety, and the Mieles (our fave) to be too expensive. The Kithenaids seemed just right. Quite roomy inside, a competitive price, and KA was offering a rebate to boot (go to their website to see rebates, as they come and go). It's a year later now, and we are very happy with the KA DW. One piece of advice is to forgo the DWs with the "built-in disposal" - they do nothing but add noise.

We just bought a new french door fridge and chose the Samsung. Though we bought standard depth not counter-depth. We preferred the Samsung's vegetable drawer arrangement of 2 drawers, over the LG's 3-drawers, but that's just our preference. We also opted not to get the water/ice dispenser in the door. It takes up a lot of fridge space in the door, and is the thing that breaks the most. Our fridge has the little water dispenser inside the fridge, and we don't mind scooping the ice out of the freezer. Other people prefer ice/water in the front door of the fridge, but we had bad experiences with the in-door dispenser in our last fridge.

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The only appliance on your list with which I have experience is the Bosch. Ours do just fine, and no odor... I thought the odor problems were an installation issue, I believe, not the fault of the dw. I'm not a great fan of our bottom racks (too many parts and pieces that don't stay in place), but ours are 5 yrs old and I think they have a better design now.

In your plan, I don't see your wall ovens, and if you're willing to hear ideas/suggestions, I would try one of the following:

Option 1: Place your fridge at the top end of the stove run, so others can access it without getting in the way of the cook... And I'd take care to keep the stove in a position so that it has a good relationship to the prep space on the island, which means leaving it as close to where it's shown as possible.

The ovens could go where you now show the fridge, and give yourself the island and that nice run of counter for baking workspace.

You aisles are very wide. If you cut them to 4 ft each, at the most, you could have a nicer island.

Option 2:

Put the stove top at the bottom end, centered on that back wall, also sliding the prep sink down to the bottom right corner to work with the stove and fridge. I'd place the fridge across from the stove aisle on the right-hand wall, and the oven up at the top of that run, so you have baking counter in between. -Same note about the aisle width and island size.

I hope this wasn't pushy... Feel free to ignore me if you don't find it helpful.

Best wishes with your new kitchen!

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OVENS: I think the OP's list has a double Electrolux wave-touch ovens.

There have been numbers of comments on them here at GW and they mostly get good reviews. Do a search on "oven" and "wave touch."

DISHWASHER: I bought a similar model of Bosch DW a few months ago. If you do not have to buy right now, holiday sales prices should drop considerably below the price quoted. I paid about $570 for mine during Memorial Day sales. (I got the white version which was about $100 less than the stainless model spec'ed above.)

Had another Bosch for 15 years before this one. The new one is noticeably quieter and uses less water. As they say, it can be hard to tell it is running except when the water is draining. Cleaning cycles run about 100 minutes but the time can be longer depending on how much turbidity the water sesnors read.

I've never had any problems with odors. My recollection is the same as Alwaysfixin's that most of the problems stemmed from errors in installations, but you should search here for the discussions. Also, I recall a recent good discussion of the "stinky" dw issue at Chowhound. The title was something like "wet seabird" and solutions were found that fixed the odor problems.

One other point: getting the dishwasher lined up properly with cabinets (especially the side gasket-flaps) makes a big difference in the noise levels. For the same reaason, it is important to make sure the base is properly blocked/sealed. Although your contractor (or the installers, at least) should know this, it is a good thing to check.

RANGE HOOD: I'm sure you've already found that there are numbers of folks here who are pleased with CC products, but the cooktops (and any gas cooktop) can put out a fair amount of heat and vapor. You probably need a range hood. Maybe you looked into this and that is why your cooktop/range is shown where it is on the right-hand wall (in the trafficway through the kitchen)?

If you do not have constraints as to outside walls, then I am inclined to agree with Rhome410 that you would probably be better served by relocating the cooktop.

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