how do I convert old disk to flash?

woodnymph2_gwOctober 2, 2012

I actually have some work I put on several CD's a year ago but now have found that none of the public library computers I use take anything other than a flash drive. How would I save my work off these old disks and put them on to a flash drive?

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It is a simple operation really assuming you have the flash drive/s.

Right click the Start button
click Explore and a window opens with a left and right pane
insert the CD and the flash drive (I cancel offers to open a window here)
click on the CD in the left window to highlight the contents in the right side
click the top item on the right to highlight
hold down the Shift key and tap the End key so all the list is highlighted
right click on the highlighted stuff and click Copy
now on the left side right click the Flash drive (likely listed as E: or F: drive) and click Paste and the contents are copied over.
Repeat as needed

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To be on the safe side remember to use the Remove Hardware Safely utility in the Notification Area before removing the drive.

Failure to do so is not a 100% certain of failure. However, the possibility is there. The most common failures are loss of data, data that becomes read-only, and previously used data space that can no longer be utilized.


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