Maintenance on a log home.

christyincoSeptember 17, 2012

We are looking to purchase a log home (some log and some stucco - mostly decks on back and front porch/steps are log outside and inside log staircase and one whole wall. Does anyone know what type of maintenance is involved in keeping a log home?

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We have a stockade style (verticle) log home. First let me say we love it! It does require a lot of maintenance. We just recently striped and restained the logs. Ours are Northern White Cedar. We do have wood bee issues we have to address EVERY year. They mostly like the pieces on the porch and the roof as that part is pine but they recently started on the cedar. Each year we sevin dust and fill the areas they start on. Last year we striped and stained the structure-this was way overdue. We also added a pestacide additive but it didn't help (this had been 15yrs since it had been done). We need to caulk the gaps in logs (approx every 7yrs due to checking/shrinkage) We have a log stair case rail and no maitenance on that except dusting. We replaced our exterior log rails and steps but they were built in 1978. The decking is not decking boards but 2X6's? and because it's covered (roofed) it looks new and is stronger than the decking boards used on many homes. We are attempting to add on to the back soon as we have outgrown ours but my suggestion would be to build for flexibility so it adapts as ours doesn't. Our new addition portion will be hardie board but my husband would jump at a natural shake style vinyl as it's maintenance free. I just can't see putting a synthetic next to the wood, even if it is just the back. Good Luck on your decision. My walls require no maitenance other than dusting.

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