First time remodeling bathroom and adjacent rooms -- questions

ILoveCookieDecember 16, 2013

I just moved into a 30-year old house whose master bathroom desperately needs a remodel/ upgrade. This is my first time remodeling a room, and I need some help regarding where to start, whom to talk to, etc.

This bathroom is part of the master suite. The master suite has an enclosed sitting room, an enclosed bathroom (very small), a tub (very large) that's next to the bathroom and sits in one corner of the bedroom, and two 5' (?) reach-in closets along the same long wall as the tub.

The HVAC equipment for the master suite zone is in the attic, which is right above the bathroom. It's accessible through the ceiling of the bathroom.

Our plan is to:

* Get rid of the tub, and give some of the freed-up space to the bathroom, some more to the closet, and the rest to the sitting room. Right above the tub are four exterior windows, which might need to be moved.

* Get rid of the 3' (?) wall between the two reach-in closets, and replace them with one built-in wardrobe. These closets are on an exterior wall.

* Replace the 30-year old HVAC system after the bathroom is demolished, but before new things are installed in the bathroom.

Our plumber says he does bathroom remodels. He is coming tomorrow to our house to fix a couple more things, and said he could discuss the remodel options with us.

I've never done a remodel before, and I am not sure if a plumber is the right person to talk to about such a big project. Obviously we will use an HVAC company to replace the HVAC system, but other than that, I don't know.

Should I hire an engineer or designer sort of person to draw out the new layout, before even talking to contractors? Since the sitting room and the bathroom will be enlarged and doors moved, I think there will be some sort of structural changes?

Your input will be highly appreciated!

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You need to speak to a very reputable General Contractor immediately and be honest about your budget and expectations. Good luck.

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Trebruchet, thank you for the advice! I will get some GC referrals from my realtor and my handyman, and go from there.

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