Sending a Contact List from Yahoo mail

dedtiredOctober 5, 2013

I have a complete list of emails for all my neighbors in my Yahoo Contacts. One of the neighbors would like to have the list. How do I send the list to her without sending an email to all? I have a list of contacts called "Neighbors". How do I send "Neighbors" to just one person? Thanks.

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Just curious here. Will the people on your contact list mind if you give out their email address????? I am careful about it giving mine out and I also warn them" I do not want forwards!"

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Yes, they are happy to be on the list. It will not go any farther than the immediate neighborhood, unless someone chooses to abuse it. Of course, we can use the BCC option, too.

A recent home burglary on the street has created a need to keep each other informed of neighborhood news and concerns, as well as Block Parties.

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Sign into your Yahoo Mail account.

Click on

Export All

Choose the CSV file format.

It will download a file that is easily readable by Excel, for example, or importable into other people's address systems.

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Wow! Thanks.I'll try that. I appreciate your help.

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I should have also said:

Be sure you know which folder your browser is set to for downloaded files. Change it to another if you would find that easier to work with (I create a "c:\downloads" folder on all my PCs. I point all browsers to that folder, so that I don't need to crawl down too many levels to find files)

The file that will be in whatever folder you download to, that you'll attach to an email, is named:


You should maybe first double check that it came out ok by navigating to it using Windows Explorer and then opening it with whatever spreadsheet program you use.

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You might also make the wise decision to keep a copy of the file. My main computer crashed and all my address book and emails were lost. I had a back up copy but from too long ago so a few are missing needing me to go into search/begging mode to retrieve the lost addresses.

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owbist that is the only thing I lose when I reformat. I figure if they want to hear from me they will write and I will get it then. LOL

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Owbist, I don't think there's a need to backup emails and addresses that dedtired has on Yahoo. A failure there is most unlikely. (Yeah, I know, it HAS happened randomly).

I've used Yahoo mail for over 15 years (yeah, no typo) and gmail since it started and have never had a problem with either. Smaller providers/ ISPs have historically had regular issues, less so now because most now use software or turnkey services from the big guys.

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