KA dishwasher won't start, control lock blinks 3X

sandyinvaOctober 14, 2012

I have a Kitchen aid dishwasher, KUDS30IXBT which I bought in Feb 2011. The panel is not lit, and when I try to start it, the Control Lock light blinks 3 times. I have tried pressing the energy saver dry cycle for 15 seconds, (and every other button, it seems) to see if I can release the lock. I also turned off the power to see if it would reset. Anyone suggestions before I call a repair person to look at the control panel?

Thanks in advance,


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I have a Kitchen Aid dishwasher. Is it possible the lock got activated accidentally? Locking is usually undone by pressing the 'air dry' or 'heated dry' button in for about 5 seconds. Try that and see if your lock light goes out. It may depend on your model as mine is older now. Good luck.

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Nope, I just tried it, but thanks anyways. It's only me in this house, so things usually don't get hit by accident. I also checked to make sure that the rack goes all the way back and that there are no obstructions.

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Kill the power for a while -- 10 mins or so -- by unplugging the unit or flipping the breaker. Restore power, check if it works.

There are nine engineering revisions on this unit (a number 0 through 8 should be the last digit of the model number). I picked one at random for the online manual. It indicates a separate Control Lock key.

If power cycling doesn't work, and the Control Lock key doesn't work, then you may have a bad control panel. They do go wonky fairly frequently but usually not so soon.

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Thanks, dadoes, I will try it. I had turned it off earlier, maybe not long enough. Can I assume that if that doesn't work, I need to call someone in?

BTW, I purchased my washing machine and dryer based on your recommendations for Fischer and Paykal, 10 years ago, have never needed to call for service.

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Assuming you haven't yet done so, at 10 years, I strongly suggest you have a look-see at your washer's pump for evidence of leaking (rusting, mineral deposits on it). That's one of the few weak spots on F&P. A pump wet from leaking can short-out and kill the motherboard. Doesn't have to be a large leak to puddle on the floor, just a slight dribble that gets and keeps the pump wet will do it. Much better to catch and replace a bad pump before it destroys the board. :-)

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Problem resolved. I started touching various controls, and I think, I am not sure, I touched the control lock for an extended few seconds, and the lights returned, and all seems to be working again.

Many thanks for the input, it is so good to know that you all are out there when these things happen.:>)

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Control Lock must be pressed/held 3 to 4 seconds to enable & disable.

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Same thing happened to my sister last week, same model KA DW. She held the Control Lock a few seconds, and all was good.

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Wow! almost to the day, it happened again, one year later! Played around touching various controls, touching the control lock for an extended time did not fix it immediately. but something at some point did.

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