Where to buy Cast Iron Drop-In bathtubs ?

anotherfirsttimerDecember 27, 2012

We are planning to remodel our bath and need a new bath tub. We are looking for a Drop-in Cast Iron bath tub and were wondering if any of you had suggestions on where to buy them from at a reasonable price. Our local homedepot and lowes does not carry them in store. If we have to order online, are there better and less pricier but reliable online stores ?

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If you're looking at a Kohler cast iron tub, go to the Kohler website, click on "where to buy", enter your zip code, and it should pop up a list of distributors. Home Depot and Lowe's will also sell through special order (search cast iron tubs on their website for pricing). You may find it a bit lower online but for a cast iron tub I would imagine any savings would be washed out by shipping and handling charges. Personally, this is one product I would not want to order online - if for any reason you would need to return it or need assistance with it, the hassle and return shipping charges would very quickly eat up any savings. Good luck with your remodel!

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In addition to what jendien said, HD and Lowes are the biggest Kohler retailers out there, so their prices are usually fairly competitive, even for special orders. Be sure to price it there as well as any online sites, if you're looking at Kohler. (There aren't that many companies that still do cast iron, and even fewer for drop-ins, incidentally.)

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Sophie Wheeler

Be sure that what you're asking for is what you really need in your situation as well. A drop in tub is for a tub only situation, not a tub/shower combo.

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Talk to your plumber. Mine was able to sell the Kohler Parity at the same price as online sellers.

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Not sure but check signaturehardware.com they may have drop ins. I;m getting my pedastal cast iron tub from there. If there is a bathroom supply place in your town ost likely they will have kohler in stock that you can sit in and check it out.

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I bought a Kohler cast iron undermount sink from a large on-line e-tailer. I think it weighed 150 lbs. It was shipped on a pallet that the shipper for whatever reason decided to stand on end. That or some other shipping incident chipped and cracked the finish in three places. I was really pissed as you can imagine. The color was a special order. So I called the e-tailer and they were VERY professional. I send some pictures and they ordered a new sink for me. That one arrived without damage. They did not want the old sink back. It sat on our floor for months. They must have gotten the shipper to pay for it, or insurance, or just ate the costs. But to ship something like that back is a waste of money. It can't be used anyway or repaired like new. It is a write off. I had a hard time getting rid of it. But it taught me where I will ALWAYS buy my on-line bath/kitchen stuff. Not sure if I can mention the name but it ends in 'direct.'

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