Gmail - lost all contrast between read and unread mail

lynnalexandraOctober 15, 2012

I use XP and Firefox. A few days ago (perhaps after updating firefox - and also having a windows driver problem that needed updating), the appearance of my desktop font type and sizes changed. I checked under Firefox options - and saw that it indicated arial font and size 14. But that's not what was displaying. And efforts to change the size in the tools options did not change the appearance.

Now - somehow - within a day or so most of my pages and tabs resumed their normal appearance (size and font). Except Gmail. In Gmail the font is very small - both looking at my inbox and how my received and written emails appear. The font size is set to normal - but it appears tiny. Changing fonts to large makes it way too big. The other even more annoying problem is that there is no longer a contrast/distinction between read and unread email.

I did some google checking and see that many people posted about this problem about a year ago. No solutions were mentioned (except a complicated add-on that could be downloaded). There were many threads - and no solutions. I did not find any such threads for current issues. I am concerned that I am missing important emails bc. I cannot distinguish the unread ones from the read (and probably get well over a hundred emails a day).

On my other computers (laptop at home and office), gmail appears the same as always. And I updated firefox on those.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Curious, when your emails appear on whatever email client you are using (Thunderbird) or something else, isnt the date that it was sent part of the heading which appears ..

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Hi, Genes. I'm afraid I'm not following you. I use Gmail - and don't use an email client. So I'm talking about the single lines in the inbox that state the sender, subject and time. The subject and sender used to appear in bold for unread emails. Now the unread emails are not in bold - and are not visually distinct from the read emails.

I get many, many emails a day (listservs etc), so quickly being able to scan my inbox for the new emails is important.

I have literally spent a couple of hours searching the net - and gmail forums for solutions. All I find is a lot of mentions of the problems when gmail gets updated - and those complaints are from various times in the past year. But no solutions (except a couple of suggestions for adding the stylish add-on to regain contrast). I did the firefox stylish add-on but it didn't do anything. This problem seems like something gmail would have fixed or allowed to be altered in settings. But I've poured through settings and can't restore the contrast.


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Lynn, I have several g-mail accounts but usually read the mails via a desktop client. However, I went to one of my accounts via my browser and all are in bold print. However, as soon as I read one, it immediately became the lighter print. I was using the Chrome browser at the time, but that should make no difference IMHO. However, I'll try using Firefox, and if I notice a difference I will post again.

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Sorry about the double post. I think something is wrong with my wireless mouse.

Anyway, I used FF to check a Google mail account, and, although the print seemed quite small, there WAS a difference between the read and unread mails. So I can't really offer you any assistance except to suggest you use another browser other than FF to access your G-mail.

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Does it happen in all browsers or just FF? I too use a mai clinet but I accessed gmail online with the latest version of IE and all was fine for me. Mary

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A solution may be to install the NoSquint add on for firefox. After installing it and restarting firefox right click on a page in gmail and select the no squint option. You can change the size of the font and the colors of visited and unvisited links and it will remember the settings next time you go back to gmail.

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I had the same problem in Chrome - someone was at my desk and the next time I looked at my email the contrast between what was and wasn't read was gone! The font was small as well, even though set on he large setting - Being my work account I really need to see what's new and what hasn't been addressed. I looked online and could not find anything that helped.

Then I had one of those DUH moments.

Pressed CTRL together with + and voila. My screen enlarged a little and everything was back to normal!


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Important ��" DonâÂÂt forget to delete the newly created filter otherwise all your future emails will also be marked as âÂÂReadâ even if you havenâÂÂt open them. Go to âÂÂSettings ==> Filtersâ and find the filter name that you just created. Click on delete button beside that filter to completely remove that filter. All your past conversations will remain as marked as read but future conversations will not be affected by that filter.

What a relief it is. Now I can use new Gmail lab to see the unread emails count on favicon or use Gmail extension on Chrome to see the new incoming email on my Gmail ID.

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