What percent overage of tile to order

susanuwsDecember 18, 2008

Hi everyone. I am remodeling a bathroom for the first time. We are about to place the order for the wall and floor tile. How much overage should we order? If the tiled floor area is 27 sf, how many sf of floor tile should we order (we are using marble tile that comes on 1' x 1' sheets, if that matters). For the wall subway tile, we have an area of about 170 sf. Then there's a chair rail that should cover 26 linear feet and a pencil that will cover 12 linear feet.

The tile store sales person wrote on the order sheet: 45 square feet for the floor, 187 sf for the subway tile, 68 pieces EACH of the pencil and the chair rail (these pieces are 6" in length). Other than the subway tile, this seems like a lot of overage.


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My bathroom floor is 27.5 sq ft and my tile guy has me ordering 40 square feet of marble basketweave on 1x1 sheets to cover it. Your tile person might be adding more if you're a first time DIYer (thinking that you'll make mistakes) or they might be padding the sale.

I think you have more wall space than I do...I'm getting 110 sq ft of marble subway, 45 linear feet of chair rail, and 12 linear feet of baseboard.

An idea: post an add on Craigslist looking for a tile guy to just come over and do the measurements for you. Work is slowing down in many places (esp for the holidays) and I bet one would be happy to come by and do the measuring and give you some tips for $20-$30. It can't take more than 20 minutes of their time. Just a thought. The fact that you're posting makes me think you are suspicious of the sales person's amounts.

Any chance you're doing carrara marble? If so, you might like seeing what I'm getting...is it similar?

If you're ordering from The Tile Shop, check my thread on page 3 about my experience with them.

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Actually, it's not a DIY project. I have a contractor involved. I just can't believe that it would require so much floor tile, pencil, and chair rail. I expect to be talking to the tile store tomorrow.

I am using ming green basketweave.

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If your tile has a pattern to it, as jeannine's does, I can see it, especially if there's going to be some cutting. Stone mosaics tend to break up when being cut, so it could conceiveably take more extra than normal. I would be willing to bet the tile comes in boxes of 15 feet per box, and 30 feet just would not be enough for your floor, and usually warehouses won't accept orders for partial boxes of field tile.

As for the subway tile, he added the standard 10%. As for the liner and chair rail, that's ridiculous, even if there's alot of cutting. That's 150% OVER actually footage. If your actuall footage is 26 linear feet, he shouldn't be ordering any more than 30- 32 feet of each. Are you sure he didn't order 34 feet of each? (34 feet of chair rail, and 34 feet of liner= 68 feet) That would make sense.

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Thanks, Bill, for the explanation. I am sure about what the order is because it is written as number of pieces. The order sheet says 68 pieces of 1/2"X6" pencil trim and 68 pieces of 2"X6" chair rail. I didn't mention this above, but the order sheet also says 68 pieces of 3"X6" base cove tile --wouldn't that be too much for 26 linear feet of the room? Also, the order sheet says 64 pieces of bullnose. That also seems like a lot. The room is 6.83' X 6.08' (82" X 73").

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Um, Susan, 68 pieces of 6" trim would be 34 linear feet. :-)

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Yeah, I guess that's okay for the chair rail and base cove, but it's still a lot for the pencil.

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oooh! Is your tile anything like this? I fell in love with this Thassos basketweave last weekend. Thassos...yum, yum, yummy.

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