Guest Bathroom Remodeling Do's and Don'ts, Mission Completed

flyingkiteDecember 30, 2013

This is a follow up of the original thread:

Guest Bathroom Remodeling Do's and Don'ts

Long story short, our small guest bathroom is actually our primary bathroom because we gave up our master bath on the first floor to my mother in law.

My DW came out with an idea to remodel our "guest" bathroom with all the bells and whistles like expensive tile, heated floors, frameless sliding doors, high end toilet, steam shower etc.

Thanks to the GardenWeb, my friends and coworkers we came up with the more realistic approach and you will be the judge.

My special thanks to enduring, catbuilder, palimpsest, bob_cville, raehelen, gladys1924, linelle, pps7, MMhappy, lori_inthenw, nancy_in_mich, HarvestGold, MrsPete, noopd, juliekcmo, LongTimeLurker, Chibimimi, cat_mom, robotropolis, nancy_in_mich for sharing their expereance and, of course, to Mary, who initiated original Do's and Don'ts.

Our master/guest bathroom before:


Happy New Year!

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Oh, it's beautiful. The shower is so welcoming. Such an improvement from the old shower look. Bravo!

What brand of shower door did you use? I have considered one similar and am still looking at options.

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It's gorgeous! Can you give us some written details to go along with those great pics? ie type of stone/tile, is that a washlet I spy on the toilet? Were you able to find a pencil in the same stone as your counter? (It looks like it's the same?) Hoping to have mine done soon!

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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome! I'd love to be standing under that rain head.

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Looks great! Congratulations.

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It's a little jewel box!

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We still didn't receive the final invoice from our contractor so I can't post our detailed expenses yet but I want to share some lessons learned during our remodeling.

First, the most common mistake all contractors make, they drill the hole for the faucet either too close to the wall or too far from the point where the faucet can be properly centered over the drain.

Work it out with your contractor and double check the location of the hole prior to drilling. Be sure that you can freely move the faucet handle back and force.

Second, if you have water supply for the toilet coming through the floor ask your contractor if it's possible to reinstall the plumbing from the floor to the wall. You will get better appearance and it will make cleaning easier. Last but not least, you will have more room to access the shut off valve.

Third, ask contractor to install the GFCI receptacle near the toilet.
Even if you are not planning to install a Bidet seat right now you can change your mind later, wiring for the Bidet seat in the finished bathroom could be quite challenging.

Fourth, toilet selection. Standard toilet looks very large, it is the first thing that steals your attention when you open a door into the small bathroom. The alternatives can be very costly, but life is short, if your budget allows you can install something like this:

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Wow that is beautiful, both in the overall look as well in all of the little touches that make it functional. It definitely looks like it should hit the mark of what your wife wanted. Kudos to you both.

And thanks for sharing the results. To think I had even the tiniest part in something that turned out so beautifully makes me smile.

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Thank you. Your part was far from being the tiniest, especially your advice to stay away from the steam shower.

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There are some reviews on saying that the Vigo doors have a reputation for leaking. Have you had any experience with this?

Your bathroom looks great!!

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No, so far no leaks.

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What is that toilet that you posted the picture of? We are doing a teeny tiny bathroom and probably will have to go with something like this. Thanks!

P.S. Beautiful bathroom!

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I just saw this post and love your bathroom... .also I adore that granite (is that granite?) I'm thinking of re-doing our main bathroom and would love a granite countertop like yours!

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Yes, it's a granite, we picked it from the remnants in the granite shop.

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why is there a mirror over the toilet?

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Yikes! I think that's a bit out of our price range :) That is nuts!

One other question, if you don't mind. Why did you decide against a steam shower?

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It's a Medicine Cabinet.


We discussed it in full in the original thread, Guest Bathroom Remodeling Do's and Don'ts.

I was advised against it.

First, a steam shower may be too much, especially if it is hard to get one made that does not leak eventually.

Second, possible problems with the venting that can cause mold & mildew.

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*bump and a hijack*

I ran across this on an internet search for "how many heads should I have in my shower?"

Flyingkite - this shower is great and almost identical to the one we are planning for the master bath (down to your tile pattern!). I have a few questions for you:

Now that you've had this for awhile, how do you like it? How big is the finished shower? Are the rainhead plus the handheld enough or do you wish you had an extra head?

What size and what kind of water heater do you have? Is it sufficient?

Also, how do you like the doors now that you've lived with them? Do they leak? I might steal that idea - i really love the barn door effect. Looks great!

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The more we use our shower the more we love it!

The shower size is 5' x 3', the glass doors are 74''x31 1/2'' each. home
The rainhead & the handheld should be enough.

We have a 90 gallon heater but we are just a family of three.

So far the doors don't leak and look awesome but of course, for a price, you have to use a squeegee tool every time you take a shower!

Good luck with your master bath remodeling!

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Love your shower flyingkite. We're planning on using the Archaeology line in our new home.

I couldn't tell from your photos, but in your niche did you use bullnose pieces for the perimeter or did you just cut the 12x24 to shape? What are the dimensions of the larger niche?

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Whoah! That's a 5K toilet! Size aside, I see that it has a built-in bidet /washlet . . . but that's an awful lot for a toilet!

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Flyingkite - I am a bit late to this thread, but I want to say your bathroom is awesome, and your "before" is very similar to my guest bath that I am looking to re-do. Especially the dated Hollywood lights that I have too. Can you please provide the name and/or source of the lovely light fixture over your sink? It's a beauty. And also the fabulous round mirror with the faceted border. I cannot believe no one has asked about that mirror!

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Very welcoming, warm, and cozy! Kudos to your wife and you for the tile choices. I love the way you and/or your tiler chose to place the tiles. The floor tiles are fun, the way they form diamonds, instead of making random wavy directions. I also love the shower tiles in a vertical running bond pattern. Again, they were not randomly lain, the tiler gave some thought to direction of the flow of the grain. I especially like that you tiled to the ceiling.

I admire the bits of shiny bling, especially the mirror. It is very pretty, balancing the masculine "rock" messages sent out by the dark tile on the floor right in front of the vanity.

My DH and I will be turning our only full bath into a shower-only and it is just a bit bigger than your room. It is good to see that you, after giving up the master to her mom, can find a bit of luxury in your smaller guest bathroom!

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Thank you very much and good luck with your remodeling project!

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We bought our round mirror at Lowes, it's inexpensive but I'm not sure if it's still available, I didn't find it on the Lowes online site.

We bought our lights at Amazon:

Minka Lavery 3243-77, Cashelmara Reversible Glass Wall Vanity Lighting, 3 Light, 300 Watts, Chrome

They also sell two and four light fixtures in the same style and finish.

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We just cut pieces from the tile leftovers, large niche dimensions are 11 1/8 x 11 1/8.

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