Computer thinks MSE is off after update

susanjnOctober 10, 2012

Win XP on Toshiba Netbook

After the last couple automatic updates, my computer has told me MSE is off. But when I go into MSE, it tells me it is on.

If I were using third-party antivirus, I'd just think MS wasn't playing nice.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or know what to do about it?



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I am installing updates now and will see if it does the same to mine. I do know if you use CCleaner the software updates can turn MSE updates off. You have to go in and remove a check mark.

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I did the install and haven't had a problem with MSE.

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Susan after you have installed the update what colour is the MSE bungalow?

If it is orange you likely need to do a quick scan, I have found that on occasion. The quick scan takes just a few minutes and you can continue using the computer.

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I just now saw that someone else was having the problem I am. I'll be following this thread closely, same as my own that I posted. Is it only an XP problem?


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owbist, what's a bungalow?

If it is the icon in the tray, it is green with a white check. It is set to run a quick scan every day. But there's also a red shield in the tray for security alert. When I open that (MS Security Center) it tells me, "Microsoft Security Essentials reports that it is turned off."

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LOL, sorry. A bungalow in the UK is a single story home and yours shows green as it should be.

Strange that the security centre is giving you the warning. Perhaps download MSE, remove the existing program and install a fresh version and see if that improves things. Remember to update as soon as you have installed.

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When is the last time that you ran a full scan?

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LOL, I know THAT kind of bungalow.

The problem seems to have corrected itself. The red shield is no longer there. I wonder if takes until the next scheduled scan, or something, until they are in sync. I'll try to pay close attention next time.

nearandwest, I'm not sure when I last ran a full scan. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

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Mine shows Not Protect in Red.. if I let CCleaner delete ( C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Scans\History\Results\System\ )the contents of this folder on win7...

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That is the Full Scan History.. logs

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