Budget Range hood choices -- Help!

zazutooOctober 24, 2011

I posted a more general question about range hoods and got a short, terse reply. Now I understanding why!!! It is a crazy jungle out there!! Choosing a range hood has been really challenging for me. (I admit to wishing I just went along with my GC�s recommendation and did not look further) I need help.

Background: I am looking for a 30" stainless steel wall mounted chimney range hood. I am not changing out appliances with the renovation. My present gas stove has a cfm rating of 585. If I change out the stove in a few years, the gas stove I have my eye on has a rating of 920. The duct size is 6". I cook a good deal but just for two and I do not cook much meat. Although we do eat fish which I usually do in the oven.

Challenge: Unfortunately, this is a budget renovation. I am looking to spend no more than $800 for a range hood and if I could get away with less than that, I would be very happy.

I do not have a good read on any of these brands except for Broan and Kobe, but the Kobe does not seem to be a "real" Kobe. I cannot afford a real Kobe.

Anyway, does anyone know if any of these brands or models are pure junk or are the real winner? Anecdotal evidence would be great. I know these are not the glamour work horses that are so often talked about on this board. If there are any other brands I should consider, please let me know.

Zephyr ZAN-E30A

Zephyr ZSA-E30B

Zephyr BVE-E30AS

Windster RA-14L30

Windster RA-7730

Windster RA-77B30

Broan EW5830

XO Ventilation XOS30S

XO Ventilation XOB30S

Cavaliere-Euro AP238-PSF-30

Cavaliere-Euro SV218B2-30

Cavaliere-Euro AP238-PS29-30

Brillia by Kobe RAX9430SF-1

Air King GRAN30SS

Do I strike the tone of holding on to sanity by my fingernails?

Thanks for the help.


ps I am posting this on the appliance forum as well. Please forgive the redundancy.

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The 6" duct is severly going to limit your choices. Most hoods require at least an 8" duct but the good news is that Kobe makes some hoods that only require 6" duct. As long as you have a 30" range (without a grill) 600 CFMs will be more than enough. The sum of BTUs of the burners is just a guideline.

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All the the model brands that I listed require only a 6" duct. I know it is limiting but in my price range, not so much. Any recommendations within or without my list?


And thanks for the 600 number. That is the highest CFM that the listed hoods.

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Sorry I'm not familiar with those hoods. If I were replacing my hood now, the hood I'd be considering is the KOBE CH9130SQB. I found it online for $864, just barely above your budget. It goes up to 720 CFMS, works with a 6" duct and has baffles.

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@ zazutoo,

Did you decide on any of those you listed? If so, which and how do you like it?

I'm looking at either:
Windster RA-14L30
- only 600cfm but 24in depth ($425)
Cavaliere-Euro SV218B2-30
- claims 900cfm but is only 22in deep ($450)

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