Need help measuring shower

snakedocDecember 3, 2012

My tempered glass shower door exploded recently which left me speaking with the company to get a replacement. Problem is the contact doesn't speak English well and I can't seem to get him the measurements he needs (the model I have is discontinued).

He now says that I need to give him the "3 exterior front dimension". I already told him the base is a 40x40. Can someone help me here?


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What type of shower door is it (bipass, hinged, etc)? By three dimensions he is asking for width, height and thickness I would assume and depending on what type of unit it is any hardware preps need to be provided as well as and and all prep work MUST be done before tempering. I would look into having a local glass company price the replacement as well and they should be able to send someone to the house to measure as well (nominal charge if they are not going to install the panel).

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That is the link to the door I will be getting. I am going with them because they are replacing it for free. I just need to make sure I get them the proper specs.

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Link does not work.

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