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CassandraOctober 25, 2009

For months now I've been getting a terribly annoying pop up ad only when I'm on GardenWeb. It is a little box for a Voice Five Survey that moves with the screen and blocks what you are reading until you click "close." I surf the web a lot and have never seen this ad anywhere else but GardenWeb. My pop up blocker is at "medium" because I find when it is at "high" other legitimate sites don't open for me. I finally broke down and took the stupid survey (I lied on all the questions) hoping to get rid of the ad but it is still there. I have contacted GardenWeb to see whether they can get rid of it. What else should I do? Thanks.

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I would imagine that GW earns $ from these surveys, so I'll be surprised if they tell you how to get rid of the pop up. You didn't mention which browser you are using, but I'd suggest trying Firefox with the Adblock extension.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes about the only way to eliminate them is by using firefox and adding the adblock plus add on and including the Rick's 752 easylist filter. IF you need links for that just ask

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Thanks. I would like links for these, please. I'm at my wit's end about these annoying popups. Is Firefox a free service?

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I use Opera browser for Garden Web and NEVER get any popups. Both Firefox and Opera browsers are free. Do a search on Google for the correct address for either one of these browsers.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

firefox is a browser yes it is free you will use it instead of using Internet Explorer, simply install firefox and you can tell it to import all your bookmarks and settings from your Ie so it will all be there on the firefox also just like on your IE. then you will need to add the adblock plus add on
Adblock Plus 1.1.1
click the add to firefox box once you have firefox installed
then you will add the easylist filter
EasyList Subscriptions
you should add both of those to your adblock plus both easy list and easy list privacy.

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Thank you all! I already went ahead and installed Opera, and so far so good! I'll check out Firefox, too. Honestly, I didn't know this was a problem with the browser. I've been enlightened--no more IE.

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Any thing about how? Or if Google Chrome is also at fault? I started getting those annoying little pop ups right about the time I down loaded Google chrome for faster web? Need to get rid of that pesky popo up/

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this voice five garbage is making me nuts. i do have ie on my brand new computer and i have to log off to get it to go away yet even afterward my computer acts up. it ruined my e file today and i have to start again. grrrrr. is this stuff legal?. ty

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