WANTED: A Box For The Wicked

johnliu_gwFebruary 4, 2013

No rest for the wicked. Put another way, tomorrow I head off on another trip. Wheels up at 6:20 AM. Thinking that didn't sound fun at all, I walked glumly in my door this afternoon to find . . . a box.

Once upon a time, to see a box on your stoop meant that a friend or loved one had sent you a welcome present. Today, we buy so much stuff online that a box might be toilet paper or dog food. Well, not quite. But it is going that way.

I brought the box inside. Too small for toilet paper, too large for toilet parts, addressed by a person, not a company. Hmm, promising! "J____ F____" Who's that? Then I realized, my gifter is the famous Jessy F!

Poured myself a beer, sat down with my box, and was instantly happy. The nicest "dear John" card and letter I've ever received, not even an unwanted engagement ring enclosed. A roll of cheese preservation medium - how did? you know of the shame that breeds in my refrigerator? A bottle and a magazine that made me feel just returned from a foodie stroll in Silverlake, or Santa Monica maybe. Best of all, A Book.

I love books, and I'm about to go spend three nights slumped in a hotel, so "Best Food Writing 2012" is exactly what the doctor ordered. Thanks, Jessy! Your gift will be tucked carefully into my shoulder bag to take a little trip to the City By The Bay.

Come to think of it, I have to get my gift box put together. Somewhere out there, someone is wondering if her box will come . . . patience, patience.

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Great job Jessy, just what John needed to boost his spirits! I'll have to check out that cheese paper.

I hope your trip is safe and productive.

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Great swamp.....err I mean swap box!

Let us know how the book is, looks very interesting. Me thinks that Jessy picked up on your writing skills, your posts are always so interesting.

Cheese paper is a new one on me, but then, I live in the boonies. Nevertheless, good cheese is pricey and deserves proper wrapping. I like the idea.


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Cheese paper, I've never heard of that either. Not that cheese lasts that long here, Elery and Cooper both love the stuff.

I agree with Nancy, your posts are interesting and well written, I think that book is right up your alley.

Enjoy the reading, maybe it'll lift you out of your winter doldrums.


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Great box. Perfectly tailored to John. Love the idea of the cheese paper. I hope the authors of that book write as well as John.

Well done Jessica.


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What a cool mix of elements! The book looks great. Cheese paper, eh? I've never seen it either.

Nicely done, Jessy.

John, are you going to be in San Francisco?


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Indeed I'm in S.F. now. Gosh, there is sun here. Funny, when I visit here now, it is always sunny and nice. When I lived here, it was always foggy and cold. Sneaky weather.

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Great job Jessy! I echo the sentiments that your choices are perfect for John. I just know this gift will lift his spirits!

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What a great selection and perfect timing! That book will be so nice to relax to tonight at the hotel.Love the cheese paper. So nice to get something you never seem to get for yourself. I'll bet that vinegar gets good use too. Good job Jessy and a very lucky John!!

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Oh goodie I'm glad you like it! How did I know about the shame in your fridge - we all do (and that's a good thing)! I have to confess I cheated - I sent one of AnnT's (my last one) greeting cards, with no writing, so John can reuse it.

I've enjoyed Holly Hughes's anthologies before and I hope you do too...one of my favorite authors (Joel Stein) has a contribution.

Now I have to catch up with the other boxes.

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Hey, why do we title these posts "WANTED:"? I'm new to this exchange stuff and don't understand it.

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I think Exchanges was originally meant for people who WANTED something and also for people who HAVE something they want to swap. However, as in many things, the members of the CF tweaked it to mean what we want it to mean. I believe the site generates the words for you. How thoughtful, yet meaningless.

Jessy's box is both meaningful and thoughtful. Brava, oh Evil One. Can't wait to hear the book review, and I have to get some of that cheese paper as all the cheese in my fridge had morphed into roquefort.

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The auto wording didn't used to be here when the Exchanges page was first created. As I recall it was created during the time that Roger was around long ago. He and others complained about the swaps taking up valuable discussion space. Also, the swaps had many more participants. The auto wording is a new thing. I think someone at GW thought it was the usual exchanges, not a gift swap, and tweaked it to fit their format.


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Jessy, what a thoughtful gift! I can see John enjoying the book, it is perfect for him. The cheese paper is a good idea. I also agree with everyone about his writing skills, I always like his well written posts.


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that is such a nice John-ish gift! Great job!

Although after reading some of John Liu's posts here, some saved John liu posts will do nicely for cooking/ kitchen related reading on that long boring flight to dreary germany that is coming up.

SF is nice and sunny today :)

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Jessy, Good job! Perfect for John.
I use cheese paper often and I think I found it in California for the first time. It works well for us seeing that we love cheese but don't eat it fast enough.

Enjoy your goodies John!

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I sent this to GW:

I'm wondering if the Cooking Forum Exchanges page could be changed to "Swaps" because the forum has never used it as a typical "wanted/have to trade" sort of exchange venue. It was created to accommodate the blind swap fun we have. There were complaints long ago that the swap threads were bothersome to nonparticipants and took up space.

If not, could the "wanted/have to trade" only options be deleted? They make no sense when we post.

Thanks, Eileen

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Is it bad to covet something from someone else's swap gift.. I had never heard of cheese paper but we do often buy cheeses to try and I hate to have them go bad in those silly plastic wraps.. That is good enough justification for my impulse Amazon prime buy right:) It even has labels!

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Cheese paper is intriguing but I seem to eat it all up fast enough that there is no spoilage.

:) Eileen

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Cheese paper...and I was all thrilled to discover Press 'n Seal, lol.

I can bring the vinegar almost close enough to read the ingredients...organic and ginger and 'secret spices'...mmmm...

Spotted Ann's handiwork right away. I'm waiting on a frame for three chocolate-ey notecards for my back porch (aka kitchen extension).

And a book. You are my bookophile hero, EJ. Enjoy, John.

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From Tamara:

Hi Eileen,

I think Exchanges can be renamed Swaps, but not sure if the wanted/have option can be deleted because it might be hard coded into the template. I'll see what I can find out. Just an FYI -- it probably will take a we or so just because we have a couple of other things that are high-priority right now. If you haven't heard back from me in two weeks, rattle my cage again.



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Another fabulous swap package, enjoy, John! One of the great benefits of these swaps are seeing all the great books to try. I especially enjoy anthologies so will have to put that on my list. Nice job, Jessy!

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