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tuxedord2October 29, 2013

I have an old Kenmore microwave/oven combo - 30 in. As expected the microwave failed years ago and rather than go to the hassle of replacing the ENTIRE unit, we used the microwave part as a bread box and purchased an on the counter MW.

Now I am ready to replace the entire unit. Ideally, I need one regular oven and a microwave that perhaps offers a convection mode. I'd like them to be housed in the same unit but fear the actual combination unit.

What brands do you recommend- that could be stacked into that existing space and would look nice together? But I don't want them to be tied together electronically? Unless things have gotten better?

I don't think I need a standard double oven. Otherwise I would go with that and look for another spot to stow the microwave-- Fact is -- I'm running out of space. Have no island. Have no room for a MW drawer...

Price range... moderate. I'd pay for great quality and performance.

Help please???

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Have seen pics of cabinets housing stacked but separate units. Am thinking that is the way to try to go for me. Curious as to what brands work well together for this type of design. I need to be wary of space too as I am trying to build into an existing opening-- that houses the old Kenmore 30in combo.

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