Help me choose a shade?

phiwwyDecember 9, 2012

While I wait for the new faucet spouts to come in (cha ching - yes I ended up ordering 2 new spouts to solve the sink/faucet issue) - I would like to try to figure out how I'm going to cover the window. Here's a pix of the window with the vanity. Close ups of the choices to follow.

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So far I like the 2 on the left - the fabric one and the natural woven shade. I can get them top-down/bottom-up.

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Here are a few more choices - the 2 on the right are a linen-type fabric, and the one on the left is another natural woven shade.

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If you need the shade for privacy, I'd go with the top left one, since that will let more light through when it's closed than the others do. If not, either of those two.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I like the first 2, esp the print, as to me, it's hard to get warmth in a bath with all the hard surfaces...the print and the texture will be a good addition, IMO.

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If you get the woven wood one make sure you get a privacy liner, because it is very easy to see through them from the outside at night.

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I really am liking the print (top left). Do you think I should get a liner? This is a 2nd floor, and only the bottom part of the window needs to be covered for privacy. The back yard is a hill so there's no way to see in as you move away from the house.

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