The Broadleaf by Don Gardner

Apolonia3September 15, 2012

Hello GW'ers,

Has anyone either built The Broadleaf by Donald Gardner or perhaps seen it built somewhere in your area? I have Googled it and cannot find anything but the plan.

We would have to make some changes to the floor plan. This is where GW experts would come in!

We love the exterior rendering, just hoping it looks as nice in person.

Many thanks!

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My biggest objection is that the lovely, large window to the right of the front door is IN THE BATHROOM! Right over the bathtub!

And why all the pretty upstairs dormers if there's no upstairs? Or did I miss something on the plan?

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Chibimimi, thank you for your comments. Yes that is a crazy place for a bathroom. (I've seen many Gardner and Betz homes with a bathroom at the front). One of the changes we are hoping to make is to have a study there instead, extending the length of the house on that side. I'm hoping experts such as Summerfield will give their opinions, as we are just guessing this can be done when there's a walk-out basement to consider.

You are correct there is no upstairs. I have seen a lot of one storey homes with fake dormers and I don't really mind them, adds a bit of interest. However I would like to know how people plant and water a window box that is so high up when there are no stairs! That's why I'm still hoping someone has built this house, so we can see how it really looks.
We just love the look of this house, it just needs a few major changes. Thanks again for your comments, we do appreciate them.

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Here is a link that might be useful: The Broadleaf by Donald Gardner

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