Party in a HUGE box from Adele!! Thank You!

lakeguy35February 23, 2006

A HUGE box arrived at the office today, it was from our good friend Adele/catlover in Fargo ND. I admit, I peeked inside, but waited until I got home to tear into the stash so I could take a pic of her packing efforts. Check it out!

Party in a box!

Here is everything unpacked but still wrapped.

Here we go, all of my surprises from Adele!

A very cool set of appetizer plates and a two tier server, my first official set of appetizer servers. I love it!! They will be put to good use in the near future as the kick off to lake season is just around the corner. Plus if things work out I should be having a small dinner party next month.

Next, a great set of drinking mugs to remember my swap pal and the great state of ND. I can see some coffee and Baileys happening hereÂ..or better yet I have a few in my group that would benefit from a handle on their glass after theyÂve had a few! LOL! Here is a close up of them.

Then we have some regional foodie things from the area. Fargo is right on the border of MN, and they share some regional favorites. The first thing out of this bag was some Minnesota Wild Rice. I love rice of any kind and wild is one of my favorites. Next, The Best of Wild Rice Recipes by Beatrice Ojakangas, very nice cookbook with some great recipes. One that caught my eye right away was a wild rice soup with pecans, I have an unlimited supply of local pecans so that may be the first one to be made. Next we have Wild Juneberry Jam, I have never heard of this and canÂt wait to try it. Red Rhubarb and Raspberry Jam are next, IÂm going to have to share some of this with Mom, she loves rhubarb as much as I do. Then to take care of my chocolate cravings she sent me some Moose and Loon Droppings. I have already had a few and I doubt they will make it through the weekend! YUM!

Last but not least some party favors, first some Mardi Gras Beads, these will come in handy as the marinas and clubs are gearing up for Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras celebrations in general. Lakers love to party! Nest a Crown Royal Belt Buckle, OMG, I love it!! IÂll have to wear this out one night but it will find a place in my collection of shot glasses, I also collect the Crown glasses that come out every year. Here is a close up of it. No notches happening on in this one! LOL!

Check it out!

Last but not least a CD with a musical tribute to the state of OK, IÂve never heard a couple of these songs, but what a hoot, it ends with the famous Living on Tulsa Time. Anyone remember Don Williams? IÂll be sure and share this with friends and family, look out American Idol, we have karaoke here!

Here is a pic of all of my great swap items.

Adele also included a nice letter, card, and a copy of a blog from a law clerk that is transferring to Fargo from DC for their clerkship. I think they are a little nervous about the winter and the wind chills, I was ROFL while reading it. Reminded me of my younger days in MN, I wimp out at anything below 50 now! LOL!!

Adele, thank you so much for a great package, everything is just great and will be put to good use. If you feel your ears burning in the future you will know IÂm sharing/using the great things you sent me. Being one of the few guys that hang out here and donÂt post a lot you did a great job with my swap box. Looking forward to meeting you at Canny Camp my friend and swap partner!!


(Who is living on Tulsa/Grand Lake Time!)

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WooHoo, David! Par-tay! Great, fun items.

Adele, Great job picking out some cool gifts.

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Wow - that is a party in a box. I love the plates and server. The belt buckle is so cool.

Hmmm, moose and loon dropping, huh?

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David, there's nothing better than your enthusiasm! But of course Adele, that was some swell package. Very, very good job!

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Fabulous package! Who said guys are hard to buy for? Not Adele; she really put together the ideal gift. Enjoy!

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What a perfect parcel for David! I love that belt buckle what a great find. I recall David mentioning he needed to get some appetizer serving plates some day. Just a great parcel for a great guy!

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David, you are special and I always have fun finding the perfect partner for you. Somehow I just knew that Adele would put together the pefect swap box for you. And I was right. Love the buckle, and the mugs and the little appetizer plates. Heck I love it all. Well done Adele.


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I think this box has something for every occasion..From fun to fashionable..A great box..the belt buckle is so cool and the appetizer stand/plates follow the Pretty Rule I appreciate perfectly.

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What a fun box of goodies. The two tier tray sounds great. And the belt buckle is perfect.

David, enjoy!

Adele great job!

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party in a box is a great theme. Great well chosen items. Enjoy!


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Adele, that really is a nice swap box. You are lucky David. I just adore those mugs.

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Adele, you done good, girl! Love those mugs, and Moose and Loon Droppings?? Too fun!
David, if that box of goodies doesn't make you wanna move back, nothing will! LOL


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Nothing like Adele's box to cheer someone up -- nice job!

Love the buckle and the wild rice!


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Oh, wow, what a great swap package. The square appetizer plates are going to be useful for all those Final Four basketball parties. (grin) Oh, and when the Pistons win this year's championship. (big grin)

The wild rice sounds perfect and I'm still snickering at the thought of David eating Moose Droppings.

Good job, Adele.


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Super swap package! Just super!

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That looks like a lot of fun. Nothing like someone who lives way up north to come up with a fantasy package of people partying way down south!

Have fun with it!


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Sounds like David will have a ball using everything in his swap package! Good going Adele and enjoy it all, David!

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Aren't two tier appetizer serving pieces great? I got one for my square deviled eggs. Every thing you put on that will taste great! Fab box, Adele!

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Nice stuff!

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oh nice !--instant party --looks like lots of fun upcoming David--Adele sure picked the right items for you. Love the shape of the tier & those appetizers plates and what unigue mugs!


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"Wild" stuff! Enjoy the goodies David - those jams sound great.

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Great box of goodies Adele!! Moose and Loon droppings sound good. I can't believe I just said that.

So when's the party David? Looks like you have everything you need. Enjoy!!


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Moose and Loon Droppings! OMGosh! Love that belt buckle! Nice swap package!!

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David, I'm in the same group that call you special and love your enthusiasm! I'm looking forward to meeting you and everyone at canny camp!

Adele, You nailed our David! Great box!

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David, what a perfect package for you, when's the party?

Good job, Adele!

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Great box David, just WHEN is the party???

Nice choices Adele.


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David - what fun you'll have with all those goodies! I like the little plates and server - and the belt buckle - perfect for your collection. Enjoy.

Adele, what fun things you picked out for David - and I love, love LOVE the presentation!


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