Need advice! First draft from architect!!

ruski1293September 10, 2012

Hello all! I posted a floor plan i liked a few weeks ago and have just received the first draft from our architect. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I already see a few things i would do differently from suggestions i received here at the forum but this is a more detailed version of that plan. The kitchen is a focal point for us and i know it needs some work, but I think its a good starting point.

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I think it is good overall. My biggest issue is having to go through the kitchen and make a u-turn to get to the kids rooms from the garage.

Only other issue is the kitchen being interior. It won't get direct natural light. I assume this is a ranch so perhaps a few skylights will solve that.

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Unlike gaonmymind's opinion, I am a fan of kitchen's being in the interior of a house (just like you have it). I think the placement works well for one story, split bedroom homes.

Also, I love that you made the two extra bedrooms pretty much identical size wise with identical walk in closets. It drives me crazy when I see plans where the extra bedrooms are all over the board size wise and not nearly similar in size. It just boggles my mind how that make sense. So anyway, good job there!

My 2 cents - I wish I could see the dimensions but based on what I do see...

Why don't you just move the living room wall out to the right to be even with that entire side of the house/master suite? I doubt it would really add any cost but it would add square footage in what appears to be a small room.

Also, in the back extra BR bathroom - the layout it pretty odd. I would think about making the bathroom, in essence, a 3/4 bath. Change the tub to a stand-up shower and use that tiny nook in the breakfast room for bathroom space. Just do a traditional 3/4 bath layout. You might as well add a small window to that bathroom as well, since it is on an exterior wall. In the other bedroom bathroom, I would think about swapping the closets and the bathroom. That way you could have a window in that bathroom as well.

I would also think about extending the island toward the great room by putting 2 sets of base cabinets in the island. Otherwise that area is kind of wasted floor space without any purpose � but obviously the kitchen forum will help you out with regard to that.

Good Luck!

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Though you have a laundry "room", there isn't much extra to that room. I think I'd rather have the kids' rooms accessed via the mudroom hallway than the odd u-turn mentioned above. Really assess if you like that or not... It is a long, dark, windy path from your kids' rooms to yours at night (maybe it doesnt matter though, what age are your kids)?

One solution might be to swap the general location of the 1/2 bath and the laundry; making the 1/2 bath a long 3x7 one rather than a square one, and getting a hallway there. Then, shifting kitchen "north", for example.

Also, the dining room is a really far-removed from the kitchen. How will it be used?

How will the LR be used? As is, it feels more like a "study"--closed off, behind the front door, etc. Not a room that welcomes your guests, but more of an away room--away from the noise/busy-ness of the center of the house. *How* you plan to use that room matters in this case.

I agree with the suggestion to flip the closet locations and the bathroom so that both bathrooms have window options.

Is it okay that you have no front closet? What type of climate do you live in?

Though your eat-in area window is centered on the wall, the table won't be able to be centered unless you never/rarely use that side door to the deck/patio. What is the plan there? I'd suggest instead to move that door to the great room left window location.

What do you think you will do with the dead space between the island and the great room (behind the 1/2 bath/fridge)? There is a big space there.

Master toilet door needs to be pocket (and the room might need to be a little longer, cant see the dimensions); and the upper bedroom bathroom might also benefit from a pocket style door. Again, can't really say since I can't see dimensions.

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You have received some good comments, albeit rather detailed. So much depends on how your family lives and interacts with one another and with guests. If this works for you, then go with it!

As a general critique, the plan has an excessive perimeter, which translates into excessive foundations, exterior wall framing and finiishing and roofing. A more compact plan would reduce these expenses considerably.

My other major critique is that a considerable amount of floor area is dedicated to circulation, ie, just getting from one place to another. At a cost of say $150/SF, you are paying a lot in order to move from one place to another. It's a way of saying the zoning of the functions in the house is not very efficient.

I wonder what would happen if you simply said to the architect, "I want a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath house with the kids bedrooms located away from the MBR" (or whatever your requirement are? I wonder if the architect could meet your requirements in a more efficient and economical design? Just a thought. Good luck!

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