Tile or wood base molding?

Anna VegiaDecember 12, 2008

I am in the finishing stages of a bathroom remodel. The floor tile is an American Universal 1.5" white porcelain hex tile. The tub is white, the tub tile is beveled 3"x6" white Adex Neri subways. My contractor wants a decision on the base trim. I wanted to go with tile, since I like to be able to slop the mop around while I'm cleaning, but she's suggesting that we go with wood, saying it looks nicer. American Universal does not make any sort of a base tile that would match the floor tile. Should I go with the wood, or use Adex tile that will match the shower tile, but not the floor? Or should I just find a generic white that will match neither?

Thanks in advance!


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We're starting the remodeling of three bathrooms. Aren't you lucky to be almost finished! The fellow who gave us a quote for our shower surround is making a custom window sill and shelf too, when my DH asked about making baseboards to match he discouraged us. Even though he has them in his own home, he says he prefers the look of wood, and would like to redo his. Since he talked us out of ordering more product from him, I would lean towards wood. Totally understand about wanting to have a waterproof floor, guess it's hard to say without seeing samples side by side in person.

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I asked that awhile ago here. We decided to go with the tile. I wasn't sure at first, but once it's all finished, I think I will like it. But our tile offered a base, not sure how I would feel if it didn't match the floor.

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Our floor tile is 12X12 and the matching base was 8" and I thought that looked odd. Everyone said to do wood but I really wanted the tile for the same reason as you plus I think it looks nicer and more finished.

We ended up cutting the 12x12 into the baseboard strips so it would match up with the floor tiles exactly and to finish the top edge used the schulter trims. It looks great and the top is one smooth piece so easy to clean. http://www.schluter.com/139.aspx
They have a lot of these, I used the "jolly" one in white to match my tile.

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i used matching 12x3 bullnose tile for my base. i like it, and i'm glad i have it waterproofed with kerdi up the wall, but if i had to do it over i may lean more towards wood. it looks a bit industrial/commercial to me to have the tile, but maybe it's just because my other bathroom has wood & i've never had a tiled base before - only seen them in public places.

i know if i couldn't have found base that matched the floor I would have gone with wood, but i don't like a lot of different sizes & colors. I think that decision is more a matter of your taste & style.

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Anna Vegia

I think I may have found a solution. Adex makes a "base board" tile that looks like wood. It's 6" x 6". I wish it was a little shorter and a little wider, but I think I can get the look of wood with the ease of tile this way. Wahat do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: Adex white base board tile

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