wolf range problem-hot door surface- iso ansi std

bellacucinaOctober 6, 2011

Hello, Any appliance experts have this standard available for gas ranges? ANSI Z21.1A-2011

Long story short: my neighbor renovated her kitchen this year (same as us), and installed a Wolf R-366 all-gas range. She has 3 children under 5 y.o. The door surface gets VERY hot at certain spots -- measured at 210F with a digital meat thermometer held to the door surface. She's had Wolf come out --they say the door temps are within ANSI stds, but conveniently are unable to provide the ANSI document (ANSI Z21.1A-2011).

(We have the all-gas Capital Culinarian --it does not have this problem)

I would like to see the ANSI standard, but am thinking that standard or no standard, a complaint to the Consumer Product Safety Commission is in order, since it's marketed as a residential range it should not be so hot that it could burn little hands.

Any ANSI standard or other thoughts/experiences to offer?


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Fortunately, ANSI standards are available online. Unfortunately I have never seen them available without charge. I read a post where a woman had bumped up against the top edge of a Wolf oven door when it was open and burned her leg, so of course I just had to touch the top of the oven door on our CC after cooking a pizza at 425 deg. It was only slightly warm, just a little above body temp. The CC has the coolest oven door on the market, notice that the glass is three layers thick. With the convection on it does get warmer, hot enough to kick on the cooling fan under the front panel intermitently, but I never checked the temp after using the convection mode. The fan has never kicked on using the regular oven mode. Maybe it is the same situation with the Wolf. Above all else your friend needs to train her children to stay away from the range. We have never installed the anti tip brackets on any range we have owned, nor have we ever had a child, or grandchild burn themselves on any range even the cheap old pieces of crap we had when our children were young. The Wolf is a very nice reliable range, your friend just needs to make her children aware that it can get hot, unless they are really stupid they will not burn themselves more than once.

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Bella, I would have your friend call Wolf one more time, and ask for the manager or supervisor, if she gets no response, yes I would suggest a complaint to CPSC. I don't have a Wolf, but have a Viking, and even during self clean it isn't hot enough to burn a hand, so if the child's hand was burned, I would report it to CPSC. If others have the same problem, they might force some action. BTW, I agree kids should be taught to be careful around ranges - mainly due to danger of something spilling on them and burning them, or causing an adult to trip over them.

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Hi Caddi, Thanks -- we are loving the CC too -- have rotisseried and roasted chickens at 450 with the same observations about the well insulated door -- and have also experienced the fan's blowing out warm air, which is great now that the weather is cooler (but we avoided in summer).

My husband (a mech. engr) thinks its a design defect in the way the Wolf door is insulated. It may be reliable in its cooking ability, but it shouldn't be burning people. And Wolf's customer service has been lame, IMO - -they also say to keep children away from the stove. I think that goes without saying but just avoids the issue of their defective unit.

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Thanks Barry -- I absolutely agree about teaching kids about dangers of hot things. She wants to avoid having her kids get burned accidentally, and wants to instill in them the love of cooking, not the fear of getting burned by the stove.

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Here is a link to where you can buy the standard that you seek. It is spendy, though ($113).

Here is a link that might be useful: ANSI Standard for sale

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I have 2 Wolf ovens and I have would have to say that your oven is malfunctioning. I can run both of that at 450 and they are only warm. When I was at a Wolf demo a while ago, the chef had people touch the ovens that had been on for 10 hours, and they were just warm. I have only heard of this happening with commercial units. I would definately speak to a supervisor and insist on repair.

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