Does anyone regret the size of 36 inch range?

phillyfeetOctober 4, 2013

I thought i wanted 36 AG range and smaller electric wall oven. I have used both gas and electric ranges in the past and i figured this set up would work well for me. Currently, I have 30 inch gas range (with an oven I hate!) and a small countertop toaster oven that i use frequently for making quick, small batches of muffins, heating up left over pizza and baking fish. My daughters are infants now, so i know the toaster oven will be too small real soon.
I was leaning towards the Wolf 36 AG range and a combi/steam. Now I am wondering if I should skip the range and do 36 inch rangetop (wolf or blue star), 30 inch wall oven and a combi steam oven. Wall oven brands to be determined.
Does anyone wish they had done the 36 inch rangetop with smaller oven instead of the 36 inch range or vice versa (has the rangetop setup and wishes they had the 36 inch range)?
I am posting this in the kitchen forum too.

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We went with a 36" BS range top, then a 30" Wolf L-Series oven and the Wolf Steam Oven.

I love our setup and love that they are not all in the same place. We have the range top in about the same location as our old 30" range was located. The microwave and steam oven are in a stack next to the pantry. And the Wall oven is actually under the end of our island, which kind of turn inward toward the kitchen.

This works out great for us as it gives us three zones to work in when doing cooking. Helps us keep out of one anothers way.

I could see doing a 36" range if you don't have the room for a range top and separate wall oven. But if you do, why compromise on getting something that has dual functionality and will have compromises when you can get what you want with the bells and whistles you want in separate units.

Just my 2 cents.

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In the small footprint of our kitchen we don't have the space for a rangetop & seperate wall oven so we wen't with a 36" 6 burner Bluestar range.
Some people comment on the time it takes to heat up a 36" oven, but we find that ours is up to temperature in about 20 minutes.That's about how long our former 30" Caloric range oven took to heat up. So for us little or no difference except that the Bluestar is in a completely different class than our old Caloric.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Well, I hate small ovens and small cook tops! We remodeled this house, put in a 36" Induction cooktop and a 30" double oven. All Kitchen Aid, and we love it. That oven is drop dead gorgeous, and the cooktop cleans like a dream!

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