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mystic_2008October 4, 2011

I have a Virgin cell phone that takes pictures which I have a few of and would like to transfer them to my computer. I bought a new Sync Cable today which I am able to plug into both my phone and also my computer. I have plugged every thing in and it has not transfered any of my pictures over. It says on Picasa that I should be able to transport them over by going into import, but there is no place that says anything about a cell phone. Please can some one give me some direction as to what I should do next?????

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Assuming the driver installed, the phone should show up in My Computer as a new drive. You may need to navigator through the "drive" (phone) to find your photos.

If that doesn't work you'll need to download and install the appropriate software from Virgin Mobile or the cell phone manufacturer.

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If you have a card reader on your computer that reads phones card, use the card reader and transfer the information off the card.

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If it's just a few pics, can one text them to an email, then open and save?

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Not all cellphones are card-ready, and some cellphones have them as a user option.


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I have emailed pics from Verizon phones and Tracfones, both Motorolas. I just put my email address in as a phone number. Then send a text message with the pic added by "insert pic". Works for me, it is tricky putting the email address in, have to change from fonts to symbols twice for the @ . and for numbers. Once in though, works good.

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Thank you all for such good advice. I will give these a try.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I just email them to myself from the phone works great. I then access my email from my pc and from there save to the pc.

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To deb_pa: I did every thing that you suggested and got my e-mail address in with no trouble, but when I went to text myself a message and add the picture, nothing came onto my computer. What am I doing wrong????

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Should have worked, check email address on phone. It's easy to make a mistake when changing fonts. Did the phone say sending? Maybe your phone uses a different format than the PC and wouldn't show up in the email. When sending myself a text I have to choose "mms" format on my tracphone. I have 3 or 4 choices and if I don't choose the right one mine won't go either.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

when you use your cable are you going into my computer as was mentioned and looking for what drive that cell phone is being listed as? you need to do that and then open that drive and in there you will find your various folders the pictures will be in one of those, on mine it is called DCIM in there are all of my pictures I can then save them from that folder to my pc, either drag and drop to the location you want on the pc or just right click and copy to.

If you can email from that phone then you can easily do as I had mentioned before just open your email compose an email and do attachments add the pictures from their location on your phone to the email and send the email to your own email address then access the email on your pc and there you will have the pictures to save to the pc.

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