Modifying plan to add 2nd story-roofline? DG's Cedar Ridge

olivesmomSeptember 20, 2012

I've must have looked through hundreds of house plans lately and I just came across the Don Gardner Cedar Ridge (aka SL Pine Ridge) and with just a bit of tweaking the first floor is perfect. However, the cedar ridge is designed with a walkout basement which house the additional bedrooms, and I do not want a basement. I would like the additional bedrooms and bathrooms (minimum of 2 beds and 2 full baths) to be upstairs.

How big of a modification will it be to change the floor plan to a 1.5 story? I was thinking the bedrooms could go above the kitchen/mud/utility and or the study side of the house. I do not want the kids bedrooms above the master and I would like to keep the living room's two story ceiling. How different would the roofline look? Any idea as to how much of a fee they would charge for this sort of modification? Would modifying the plan be cheaper than hiring an architect? Anything else to consider?

Here is a link that might be useful: Don Gardner Cedar Ridge

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You could easily add 2 BR and 2 baths above the Study, Entry, Utility, Office, Pantry areas, leaving the stair where it is. The challenge is the massing and the appearance of the elevations, particularly the front, since the roof lines will change considerably. The photograph's view is not what you will have--imagine everything in the front as two stories.

I'm not sure how the new roofing in the front and the existing roofing in the rear will/can be worked out. Good luck!

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