Dark floors and light walls. Contrast- Is this tacky?

jess111December 6, 2008

Not what I was going for originally, but now when I picture my bathroom, I keep envisioning a really nice kinda darkish/medium brown slate look porcelain for the floors, with a creamy travertine non busy looking wall tile with some dark brown listellos and accents.

The flooring I'm looking at has a lot of shade variation and some texture, but I'm kinda looking for a wall tile that doesn't have too too much movement and has a little sheen or polish to it, or is at least smooth.

The designer guy at the tile store today kept asking me WHY I want a different floor than wall tile, I asked him if it was tacky, and I kept getting the "well 99.9% of our customers use floor and wall tiles from the same line in the same color, and just use accents as the contrast." So, I was kinda getting a tacky vibe from him, and he said it would be more difficult to decorate around (don't know why, since I'm using neutral colors).

I don't give a hoot about 99.9% of people, but I also don't want to put all this $$ and work into this bathroom and have it negatively effect resale value. I also don't know if others may consider it tacky, though it looks very nice in my head, LOL.

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I don't get why it would be tacky.
I notice that the majority of renovations I see do use the same tiles on the floor and wall (maybe different sizes, but the same or similar tiles). I think that what you are describing sounds quite nice, and as an added bonus would not be showing dirt (hair mostly in my house... dark hair!)--- sounds totally fine to me. I say go for it.

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Totally do not feel the need to use the same tile on the floor. I love the look of a dark floor IMHO of course.

It makes it very easy to choose material if you don't need to coordinate. But look around, even in those gorgeous bathrooms that use white up and down, it is often not the same material. That's what makes it so much fun! Look at lots of pictures, you'll see.

Pick whatever makes you love the space.

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Thank you guys. I've always received compliments on and had confidence in my decorating taste. Now regarding my tile inclinations for the backsplash in the kitchen and in my master bath, I have these tile people looking at me like I'm nuts. I guess it has me questioning myself. Who am I to second guess an epiphany LOL? Anyway, I didn't set out to go against the grain, I just can't get this pic out of my head.

Below is the one of the tiles I was considering for the floor. Because of the variation the floor is not super super dark, and the pic does not show any of the gray. green or whatever colors I remember being in it but it gives you an idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: daltile possibility

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Don't listen to them. The reason most people (not all, mind you, no one get their panties in a wad) choose to use the same tile is because it's an easy decision. It automatically matches, it can't be "wrong". And there is nothing wrong with that. But if you can see an alternative, I think it will be lovely, and you should follow your instincts.

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I like the look and seem to remember seeing alot of that when looking at tile websites. Good luck!

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The reason that 99.9% of his customer use the same colors is that 60% ask for it, 40% don't, but 39.9% of that 40% get tired of him continually badgering them about not using the same color and they give in.

It's your bath. If it looks good to you, then it's good. My master bath has dark brazilian cherry flooring and light colored walls. It looks good to me, so it is.

Now of course, there are some design restraints. "Dogs Playing Poker" painted on black velvet might be one area to show restraint. ; )

Other than that, feel free to be in that 0.1%.

Sometimes when changing materials it helps to change pattern too. Example, floor tile on a diagonal, and wall tile in a stacked or running bond.

Make sure you see that DAL Continental Slate in person, and in that color, before you go with it. I've used a couple of the colors, but never the brown.


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When I did my kitchen, I chose Bianco Romano granite with Bianco Carerara subway tiles as the backsplash. The lady at our tile shop actually refused to give me a sample of the marble because "it doesn't go together and no one does that..." She wanted me to go with an ecru instead of white. I didn't listen, thankfully.

I still love my backsplash with that granite. It's been 5 years and I'm still glad I didn't listen to her. Now I am seeing my kitchen choices in current magazines. Go for it!

Here is a link that might be useful: My kitchen that was nixed by kitchen police

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golddust, your kitchen is beautiful!!

Thank you all for the encouragement. I think after receiving all your reassurances, I'm going to go ahead with my master plan. Now, if I could only find a porcelain wall tile that come in the sizes I need, color, pattern, and finish I want and looks like stone, I'll be set.

mongo, as far as
"Dogs Playing Poker" painted on black velvet might be one area to show restraint".....my husband will be crestfallen. See, I always knew his decorating taste was a little "off" and that's why I never let him make decor decisions, hahaha.

as far as the dal, the style is actually called Aspen Lodge. I've only seen small samples of the brown color, since the displays usually seem to showcase the green. I'm now off to google the dal Continental Slate. Thanks!

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My bad, disregard the Continental Slate thing. I read "slate", "DAL" and "brown" and immediately thought of the brown continental slate, which I think is called Indian Summer or Indian Red, something like that.

It's a darkish-red-brown and can look sort of muddied when you see it in person. If that's what you were going to use I wanted to make sure you saw it with your own eyes and not just a photo in a catalogue or online.

Off to play poker...

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I think your choices should look nice. I don't at all see that it would be tacky to use different colors. My home has four bathrooms, and the floor doesn't match the wall tile in a single one. To be honest, matching everything sounds boring to me. Maybe some people make that choice for it to be restful, and others are just chicken to make a mistake. As for as brown and cream being hard to "decorate around", well that just sounds crazy.

If you have a particular idea that you can't get out of your head, go for it. It sounds lovely to me.

If you want more confirmation, why don't you post your exact choices for comments?

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Your tile choices sound very much like mine.

I've chosen a dark brown tile for the flooring, and a pale tile, from a different manufactuer, for the walls.

I spent ALOT of time in the tile store, but I am happy with my choices. I think the reason people go with the same tile has already been said, it is the easy choice. Most people are not confident mixing colours and styles, and there is so much choice in tile trying to find two you like which go with each other can be very difficult.

I'm collecting my tiles up next week but the bathroom walls aren't in yet so it could be a while before I'm finished.

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FYI, I am using the Dal continental slate in the bathroom on the floor, in Brazilian green. The surface has a nice texture, it's is nicely clefted (and I can't use real stone on my floor....). When I got the sample it looked like there were little bubbles on the surface, but when you see it in place, it looks nice, even glints a little (veeery little).

I saw the Aspen Lodge, the green was the wrong shade, but the tile was nice.

Have you looked at the pics of Mongo's bathroom... wait, I am wiping the drool off my chin :-0

Mongo- you should put them all in one link, it is such a tease trying to find them when I need inspiration!

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Where are Mongo's photos?

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While it is true that that kind of combination would produce a contrast I do not think it would look tacky! It would look lovely. Also, in case one wants to "balance" the colors you can always accessorize with intermediate shades to bring in a transition!

I would love to see the pix of the finished bath. Sounds lovely and Best of Luck with the process!!!

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That tile looks like Daltile's Aspen Lodge in Cotto Mist, which is what we used on our bathroom floor. It was the first thing I picked out for the remodel. It's beautiful. Once I'd seen it in person I couldn't get it out of my head. I never considered using it on the walls because it would have made our small bathroom too dark. It's funny you describe it as being like slate though because I'm not a fan of slate yet I love this stuff.

If you're planning to use large format tile be aware there can be alot of variation in the color. We used 6" and smaller pieces on our floor but Daltile gave us a couple of large pieces for the bottom of our shower niches and one of them was almost solid cream-colored. I think the color variation in the larger tiles would make an awesome looking floor.

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