Elux Perfect Turkey test today

fabbricOctober 11, 2010

Well I've been gushing about my oven and all the nifty features so I was volunteered to do the Thanksgiving turkey.

I have not used this feature before so I'm really hoping it turns out well, perfect, or I will never live this down.

Send me perfect turkey vibes and Happy Thanksgiving Day to my fellow Canadians!

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I'm curious about this feature, since my new E'lux range has it and its still unexplored.

But I did broil shrimp (peeled and unpeeled) using my Miele speed oven's MasterChef settings. For both, I found the cooking times a few minutes too long -- almost as if the lawyers got their grubby little hands on the time settings, trying reduce the risk of botulism lawsuits -- or whatever horrid illness one gets after eating shrimp a tad too rare. That's my concern here as well.

Please let us know how E'lux's Perfect Turkey turns out for you...

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Well, the perfect turkey really was perfect. 16 lb bird done in just under 2 hours at 325 deg with an internal temp of 175. The skin was brown and crispy and very juicy inside. Next time I'll lower the probe temperature to 170. It was really neat to check on the internal temp during cooking. I like this oven the more I use it.

I have had the lock actuator replaced already but the tech said there seemed to be a bad batch of these as he's already replaced a "fair number". Otherwise, it's been working well.

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Any info on how "Perfect Turkey" is any different than just using the probe on something like Convection Roast?

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Sorry, can't help you on that Rhome. We don't really eat roasts but I understood that it switches back and forth from convection roast to regular mode. I can't remember who told me though and I wasn't paying attention during the baking to see when the fan came on.

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I made just a turkey breast with it and it was so juicy. I can't wait to try a full turkey.

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Gas or electric?

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Did I read somewhere that the Elux Icon ovens do not have the Perfect Turkey feature....and if so, why not?

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Does anyone have any additional experiences, comments, or insights regarding Electrolux's "Perfect Turkey" button (on some ranges and ovens), before some of us push this button for the first time in a couple of days?

Today I called Electrolux (877 435 3287; free in US & Canada) and got some help. The Perfect Turkey feature does NOT cook initially at a higher temperature before lowering its temperature. Also, it DOES maintain oven at ~180 degrees for an extended period after the probe reaches its set temp, keeping things warm if needed (I gather this is not routinely done when using the probe).

But other questions weren't answered:

Can we cook a roast, or a leg of lamb (etc.), using this feature? [They were aghast at the very thought of this -- its for turkeys only (OK, and chicken).]
I was afraid to mention game hens.

Does this work equally well for cooking just breast meat or only leg and thighs? [No, its for turkeys.]

Is there a minimum weight that Perfect Turkey assumes or requires to work appropriately? [Its for turkeys.]

Should I change the probe temp if cooking either all white or all dark meat? Default = 180; but someone here suggested 170 was a better setting. [For turkeys!!!]

Thanks in advance...

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A little late, but my wife and I have been using the Perfect Turkey button since we bought it which includes three Thanksgivings. It literally cooks the turkeys perfect. Honestly I have never had such a juicy turkey in my life!

We have the double oven and couldn't be happier.
BTW We have the EW30EW65G

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I have cooked a turkey breast and it works.

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I have the Electrolux double oven with the Perfect Turkey button. I've had it for about 4 years now. I've used the perfect turkey setting only a handful of times.

Its an option that really appealed to me when shopping for the oven. However it seems the last couple of times I've used it, there are no drippings left in the roaster for gravy. Just overdone, charred clumps of what probably was drippings once.

Any idea of what I am doing wrong? I cooked a turkey we've had stashed in our freezer yesterday and that was my result. I had to use canned gravy. I had stuffed this one and think I usually stuff my turkeys, so maybe that's the problem? I feel it's the use of convection roast that is over browning everything. Btw, the meat itself isn't overdone, but the skin is darker than I like and the drippings are burned beyond recognition.

If anyone uses the perfect turkey button with great success, please tell me how you do it! I am hosting thanksgiving this year again and need to know if I should just cook it the traditional way

Thanks! Lori

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