(probably a really dumb) plumbing question

reel_lifeDecember 6, 2011

Hi! I'm taking out my tub/shower combination and replacing it with a shower only, with just one showerhead, a handheld on a slide bar. I was planning it this way to save money on plumbing, so I wouldn't have to switch out my valve. I'd like to have the supply elbow come out at the place where the tub faucet is now.

However, since my water will only need to come out at one place (the supply elbow), and currently water comes out at two places (tub faucet and shower head), am I going to have to change out or otherwise adjust the valve anyway to turn off one of those outlets?

Is there some way to remove the current showerhead arm and plug it up (or would it never leak anyway).

Please forgive me if this question seems ridiculous, I tried searching for an answer online, but I didn't know how to phrase the question and so I didn't get helpful results.


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Sophie Wheeler

If you are doing the gut replacement that you describe, then it's a completely false economy to try to "save" what's there. Buy a new shower only setup. And choose a good name brand like Kohler or American Standard. What's functional behind the wall is even more important than the decorative elements that you spend 20x time picking out.

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Thanks for the response. So you are saying that it won't work as is, I'd have to get a new valve? Or it will be somehow less efficient?

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I think what hollysprings is saying is that since you're going to all of the time, trouble and expense of replacing the old tub and shower with a new shower, that trying to save money by reusing the existing valve (which is the "heart" of the system) might end up being a case of being penny-wise and pound-foolish. Better to replace the old valve (more likely to fail) with a new one (less likely to fail) since you have the wall open and easy access.

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