Shower door??

holcombe3December 13, 2013

Ok, we are putting the last finishing touches on our forever home. We have a nursery bathroom downstairs (I'm currently expecting). We have 2 bathrooms upstairs one for our 2 yr old Daughter and one that is a jack n Jill bath. I already know that I want to put a shower curtain in the nursery bathroom because I will be bathing a child in it and the shower door will be in the way. I'm debating on whether to do a curtain or shower door on the 2 upstairs baths. I've read that they are hard to keep clean. The jack n Jill bathroom will primarily be used as a guest bath until the little boy I am carrying now is old enough to move upstairs. What would you do?

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Well, my kids were a bit older before they took showers. It was scary for them to have the water running on them in a shower. If it was me, since my kids bathed for years (maybe until 8 or 10?) I would put a curtain rod up. You wouldn't even need a curtain expect in the guest bath. When they are regular showerers, decide which you would prefer. The guest can manage a shower curtain.

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Hi holcombe, I personally hate shower curtains at home because they get moldy so easily. But, little kids do seem a lot safer with them.

I've installed shower doors in our two bathrooms. I don't have any kids, but have little nieces who stay over frequently. They're 8 and 10 now, so they manage the door ok. But, at home, they use a shower curtain because they have a sister who is only turning 4.

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I've never had a problem with a moldy shower curtain. I'm curious if the people who have had problems don't open their curtains fully to dry after their showers. I've always left them fully extended for a few hours before sliding them to the side again.

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If they do get moldy on the bottom edge, I've washed them with great success. Certainly easier than always cleaning the shower doors.

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Hi there,
please allow me to send some pattern for your option list.
May be you like it!!!

Thank You,.

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