WANTED: Maggie, you're too much!!

deanna1949February 17, 2006

My swap package arrived today!!!

When I got home from school, I found this package waiting by my door. When I saw the Florida citrus label, I panicked because it's about 5 degrees here this afternoon, but when I saw that it was from New York, I breathed a little easier.

I don't know how you-all can wait to take all those pictures! I paced myself, but I was so excited. Especially when I opened the box and found all these beautiful colors jumping out at me.

Maggie sent the most delightful things. I just kept saying, "Oh, that's perfect! Oh, this is perfect!" I couldn't have picked out a better package myself. She really did her homework and discovered that red is my favorite color. Without further ado, here are the delightful things I found.

looky, looky

darling jam/jelly jar and Le Creuset ramekins

>frrrozen hot chocolate from Serendipity in NY




bowl, spatula, ramekins

bowl & spatulas

bowl & spatulas

that darling jar

the other side

( I see that all these links go to the same web page, so I could have saved myself a little time. This is the first time I've tried to put links in a message.)

Maggie sent the best note telling about herself and her family, and then she described her choices. I had not heard of Serendipity Frrrozen Chocolate, but it's such a perfect idea. I've only been to NYC a couple of times, and that spot was not on our itinerary. Can't wait to try it, but I may not share!

The heart-shaped mixing bowl and spatulas will be such fun to use. Luckily, Maggie had put in her description what was in the package, because in my excitement, I overlooked the sparkly red LeCreuset spatula that had settled to the bottom of the box. It is good to 800 degrees! So perfect for my kitchen.

I LOVE the ramekins. I saw the red ones when I was shopping for my swap partner, and I thought, "Gosh, I'd like to have those. No, I've spent enough." Glad I waited!

Maggie learned that I'm interested in the jam/jelly cookbook Mes Confitures, and she found this precious jar. I make grape jelly and want to broaden my horizons. The little jar is so Me!

And if that wasn't enough, she included a bonus box of scrumptious truffles, which I have been nibbling on while putting this message together.

Maggie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the effort you put into gathering this ideal package together. I know that I will enjoy these things for a long, long time (although the truffles may soon be gone!)

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Deanna, Those are some really lovely gifts! I can tell you will really enjoy them.

Maggie, Great choices!


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OOOH Very nice. Love the red theme. That mixing bowl is wonderful. Can't wait to see what you make Deanna.


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Wonderful red color theme! I loved all the goodies!!

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Oh man, what a nice package! Enjoy your swap goodies Deanna. BTW, I love your soapstone(?).

Great box Maggie. You done good!

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thanks,Karen. Actually, it's honed absolute black granite, but it was the soapstone look I was after! I remember studying your fabulous kitchen details on the kitchen forum. How far are you from Natchitoches? We have friends there. Visited the Rose plantation 10-15 yrs. ago. (I think that was the name.)

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Love the red stuff!

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What a great package! If there's anything you don't want, Ann T will be happy to pass along my address so you can ship it right over! Serendipity 3 is a very special place and frozen hot chocolate is what they're known for. You'll love it!
Maggie, you can shop for me anytime, I especially love, love, love that bowl!

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Deanna, I forgot to tell you that I really like the look of your kitchen. you must have come to the kitchen forum after I left to come over here. Good job!

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I like everything..That heart shaped little bowl is darling..A well known gift/book shop here in Mtl carries that cute jam jar.I had admired it..Kitchen stuff is the best:)

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I love the red theme. Very nice package.

Enjoy Deanna! Especially those truffles.


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Great red theme! Maggie, you have wonderful taste! Enjoy, Deanna, I bet those truffles are history already!


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deanna, If I ever am lucky enough to do another kitchen ;~) I will use the honed black granite or soapstone. Great choice.

I'm a little over 100 miles to Natchitoches. We rarely go to North LA but when we do we always try to stay in one of the many beautiful plantations. The next time you go visit your friends I'd like to try to meet up with you.

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Great choices, Maggie. The red suits your kitchen decor, Deanna.

I think they had the frozen hot chocolate on one of Rachael Ray's show recently. It looked yummo.....

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yummo..... roflmao! Rachel, is that you?

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Love the read theme, too! Great job! Enjoy!

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I saw the hot chocolate on rachel ray and on Oprah. Rachel cheated on that show and did not include the drink in her $40 limit as her fiance treated her.

Great package Maggie. Those ramekins are such a pretty color. I have a Le creuset stoneware casserole dish and it is great. Enjoy Deanna.


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Deanna, I think Maggie meant to send that package to me :-) I love that bowl and the red theme. Enjoy

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No no I think it was meant to come to me. I agree. enjoy. Adele

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I love the jam and jelly jar, and I love the red heart bowl. What a beautiful swap package.

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Whew!!!! What a relief - 1) that it arrived in tact and 2) that you liked everything!

I had a great time!!!!

Deanna, enjoy in good health - Maggie

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pretty , pretty !! love that red bowl--good job Maggie--enjoy using them Deanna .


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I covet it all! Great job Maggie!

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Now that's one great package, and I agree, the red stuff goes great with those countertops (which I love, incidentally)

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around frozen hot chocolate, though. I'm figuring if it's chocolate, it's got to be good.


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Me too!

What a wonderful package. And so pretty from the initial presentiation to the final items.

Great job, great package!

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According to the package, you put the ingredients of the package (which appears to be basically your chocolate milk or hot chocolate mix, with sugar and cocoa) in a blender with ice and milk. Served with lots of whipped cream and shaved chocolate or something. Maybe even a cherry on top! I wonder if it comes out a little like a milkshake. But since it makes a big batch, I'm saving it until my sisters come to visit. I think they'll appreciate it appropriately.

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Nice ramekins! Also, that Serendipity mix is something. You've gotta share. It's a treat.

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I love seeing the photos of your swap package. The heart-shaped mixing bowl and the jelly jar are so cute. Everything has a special heart-felt touch. Enjoy.


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Robin, glad to see that Rachel cheats just as much as we do.

Love that jelly jar. And your kitchen! LOL thats what I look at too in these pictures.

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Wow, Maggie - I love all this stuff - I swear I've looked at the photos 5 times - can't believe I haven't posted yet...sheesh.

Deanna, you did a great job describing - what fun you'll have with all those goodies that you'll think of Maggie each time you use them...


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Maggie, this package would brighten anyone's February day. Red and chocolate - perfect.

Deanna, I'll bet your really having fun with all of it.


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