Shower Light Worth It?

djdoggoneDecember 13, 2013

We are buying a 36" x 36" acrylic Freewill shower by Kohler (white). The light is a separate (uninstalled) purchase of $581 ! Glass door. 3 wall sconces. 1 led 100 watt exhaust fan/light in ceiling of 7' x 8' bath. And a 2 1/2 ' x 4 1/2' window. Hubby says skip the light. Worry we'll regret it. Our eyes are getting old too.

Anyone have experience with cubicle showers? Ambient light enough?

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I've had showers with both a light and no light. It wouldn't be worth $581 for me to install one BUT if your shower is too dark you may want it. Can you install the shower now and evaluate when you are actually using it if it's worth the investment?

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Why would your light cost $581? Is this cost for an electrician to wire it up and for the switch?

DH is an electrical engineer, so I've been so lucky that he can wire anything we need. I now have lights in both showers, wouldn't be without it again. As you say, we're not getting any younger. We put an LED light in this last shower. Just one was enough. We have two pendants, an exhaust fan/light and a 3X3 window, and put one light in 3 x 5 shower in a 9.5 X 5.5 BR, so roughly the same size.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Yes. The older you get the more light you need. I'm sure you could probably get along w/o a light, but I also don't think you will ever regret this expense. You could pi$$ away $600 on a lot of things that won't give you the reward that a lighted shower will. Every time you step in.


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I never turn on the light in a shower unless I absolutely have to, but other people find them essential. I figure I just need to be able to tell the shampoo from the conditioner... Also, it only gets cleaned on weekends when the natural light is good. So it depends on what you need the light for, and when you need it.

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I need the light to be able to wake up in the morning! But, I'd want something more than a 36"x36" shower. I'd be banging my elbows every time I tried to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. Not to mention the contortions if I dropped the soap. I'd have to turn off the water and open the door to retrieve it without banging my head. I have a 36"x48" currently and am getting ready to upgrade it to 48" x 60" in the remodel.

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In my old bathroom I wished there was a light in the tub shower unit so I made sure I put one in this new remodel. It isn't done yet but I have a fan/light setup in my ceiling within the shower. I am so excited about this. I will have other lighting at the vanity and another fan/light in the ceiling near the toilet area. I recommend a light in the shower.

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We have a new tub/shower combo and a new shower and both have a small round LED light fixture and it's great. I don't know how much it cost to wire it, but the light itself was inexpensive. I wouldn't want to be without it.

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Thanks all for the feedback. The $581 cost is just the part. Hopefully we can get it cheaper on Amazon.

Can't install later because the cube is built into an alcove and there is no access above after.

I guess it's best to err on side of caution with this one because it is a one shot deal. Many years (hopefully) to regret later.

I agree shower will seem tiny after our current set up but needs must when downsizing.

Thanks very much for piping in.

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why is a shower light so expensive?? we installed a recessed can with a "waterproof" housing?? no more expensive than a regular recessed light??

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We paid $115 each for recessed lights with shower trim, one in a 3 x 4 shower alcove, and the other above a tub with shower. The price included installation of the fixtures and the fixtures and bulbs. They are nothing fancy, but they do the job. The one in the shower alcove is used regularly and is very good to have. The ambient light would not be enough. I would look for a better price on the light, and have it installed now. It will certainly cost more if you decide you want it later after your bathroom is done.

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I can't imagine why a shower light would cost that much...however, I suspect you can add an approved light for less. I like my shower light but I really don't use it while I'm in the shower. I put a low watt green bulb in the fixture and it's the only light I turn on when I need to make a bathroom trip in the dark of the night. It's easy on the eyes!

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We have put recessed lights with an exhaust fan in each of our recent baths. We find in addition to the positive of shedding more light on the situation--the fan keeps the bath from having too much moisture. We are doing it again in our new lake remodel.

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We just put in 2 recessed light/fans and the total was only a little over $300. I'm sure you can find something for less than $581 and you won't regret it unless you are fortunate enough to have very bright lighting in the rest of the bathroom.

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We have a recessed light in our shower and love it. Wish though we had installed the light/fan combo.

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We have a light in our master shower and to be totally honest, we were indifferent to it but decided to go with it. I don't know if its because we have a large bathroom (shower is more moderate in size) that is well lit, but honestly I don't see the reason for it. I think if it's been used 5 times in the 3 years we have it that 's a lot. It sounds like in your case it might be needed more? If it were going to cost $500 I would vote no.

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When we remodeled our bath we removed the tub and put in an oversize shower, had a recessed light put in above the shower. There is a small window above the shower but at night we like to use the light. Cost was less than a $100 to do it.

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