Master Bath & Closets help please

still_watersSeptember 7, 2012

Please look at the Master Bath & Closet configuration. I am not really happy with:

1) Big double window toward the street where the tub is. I would need to have a mechanical transom to be able to open the front windows for cross-ventilation. Who wants to stand in the tub to open the windows?

2) I wanted to have a glassed-in shower but since the exterior walls are ICF, the shower fixtures will need to be in the wall between the tub and shower--no glass walls.

3) I want a laundry hamper--triple sized but it needs a home.

4) A space for linens: I have thought about having a 12" cabinet flanking each vanity along the wall.

My requirements are:

1) I want the closet off the bedroom or hall, not off the bathroom to keep moisture out.

2) Future handicap adaptable: 4 ft hallway and 5ft turning radius in bathroom.

3) Separate vanities:dh likes his things out on the counter; I don't.

4) Separate closets--he has shoes and clothes. I am content with a 3 ft x 6 ft walk-in. For him, the bigger the better!

Details of the house: Lake view toward the back. Walkout basement in the back. I have shown this plan before�issue was with the powder room. That area has been reconfigured due to the elevator rough-in being too small.

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It appears to me you have plenty of space in the toilet area of the master bathroom. Could you build a false wall on the right end of the shower to house your plumbing and slide everything to the left?
(symmetry might be an issue, but you could also slide the door to the left. His vanity can be smaller/bigger than hers or have the same size but only one has a linen tower next to it...)

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Our set up is very similar, only we have a powder room bn foyer/master and a laundry closet in the master bath area. Maybe this gives you some ideas?

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kirk: The plumbing can go in the ICF wall. The issue is having an access to the shower guts in case there is a leak or need for changing something out in the future.

Andi: I notice that your shower is tempered glass between the tub and shower. It looks like your plumbing is also in that same wall. What is your plumbing? Or is that a wall between them? I'd like glass between mine. Will you be able to open your windows?

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Look at the posting "Southerland by Don Gardner" for another arrangement of the bathroom that might suit you. There is a floor plan there.

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Hi still waters -
There is no glass/window on the wall bn the shower/tub. I am able to open the window at the tub but the window in the shower is not one that opens. It's up high to just get natural light in. Let me know if you need anything else!

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