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GBARRETTDecember 19, 2013

I am in total despair. I wanted to give my 1990's guest bath an economical facelift to bring it into the new century, but I am lost and have no idea what to do. We also need to redo the master bath, which is a total gut job, so we are trying to save costs here. Here is the current situation:

The floor consists of pukey peach ceramic tiles with taupe grout. Although they aren't terribly attractive, they are in good condition and would be an expense to replace.

The bathtub fiberglass shower surround is an odd fawn/beige color that has a slightly greenish cast to it. (It would go well with a grayish green paint.) As much as I dislike it, we can't get rid of it, so it must stay.

The vanity cabinet is a reddish cherry wood with a cream colored countertop. We plan to replace the counter, and could paint or stain the vanity if necessary.

Fixtures: brass, which we are replacing with brushed nickel.

Toilet: white.

The problem is that the floor does not really go well with the tub, so nothing matches. Do I replace the tile floor (big expense) in an attempt to match the tub, which is nearly impossible? I have spent days hauling home samples from the tile store, and it is sooo incredibly hard to find something that goes with the tub. If I leave the floor and tub as is, I either have to paint the walls to match the floor (i.e., match the grout with a taupe color), and then just ignore the mismatched tub, or paint the walls a grayish green to go with the tub, and ignore the floor.

And what do I do with the cabinet? Paint it white? Leave it as is? Do I get a stone (quartz) counter to match the white toilet or fawn tub?

How about having the fiberglass surround refinished white? Would that work well?

HELP!!!! I am really at my wit's end!!!!

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Can you tile over the existing floor? If so, maybe white with a border of some kind? Then use a new bath mat to add color to go with the new paint?

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No, I can't do that, unfortunately. We would have to rip out the tiles, and again, that is a big expense. And even if I did that, it still leaves me with that tub. I can't seem to find any tiles that really go with it. If possible, I would like to keep the bathroom light and bright. The trim is all white. I will upload a few more photos.

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Here is another view of the tub.

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Here is the cabinet, close up. It is a two-sink vanity.

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Last one, the toilet, which I absolutely don't want to replace. It is new and works wonderfully:)))

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How about this -- Paint the room in the color you described. When you say you're changing the fixtures to brushed nickel, are you including the faucet, tp holder, towel holder, etc. I'd get them all to match. Then I'd take out the shower door and replace it with a really pretty shower curtain, and gets mats to match. Done.

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Your floor doesn't look that bad to me...but I know in person things are different. It looks like there are shades in the tile that complement the tub. What about experimenting with lightening the grout with grout colorant? That might affect the tones of the tile to something you like better.

Paint the walls a color you love, paint or stain the cabinet and do as sjhockeyfan suggests, remove the door and cover the whole tub area with a beautiful shower curtain.

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