Ilve vs Vking induction range - Help me decide, I hope

yeboOctober 25, 2012

I've narrowed it down to 30" Ilve or Viking induction range. I like the looks of both, both have knob controls on front. I have to decide how much the color opportunity with Viking matters to me (cinnamon current front runner; Ilve SS only) but am trying to figure out the other differences.

I'll really value your opinions, given the following list, and if there are other things I should find out about, let me know:

-Hob layout - Ilve biggest right back; Viking biggest left front.

-Power: Ilve 1 1400/1890 boost; 2 1850/2500 boost; 1 2300/3200 boost. Viking: 3 1850 (no boost); 1 2300/3700 boost

Oven: Ilve 3 cu feet, convection bake and broil; Viking, 4.1 cu feet, convection bake, infrared broil

Rotisserie: Ilve comes with rotisserie; Vking doesn't

Curb base (I have a dog who gets under things, and currently use an unsightly duct tape arrangement on my range - so this would be nice): Ilve no; Viking yes for additional cost

Backguard included: Ilve 2-3/8; Viking 1"

Thank you!

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Hi yebo... i wont bore you with details as i know you have red my posts on my viking induction range ..I can tell you i love this range as much as the day i bought ..I have yet felt the need for larger hobs nor ever had one reduce power on me for using multiple burners ..I love this range because it looks and feels solid.. And having a color is an option that im so grateful I chose ...Was this range ridiculousness expensive , oh hell yea !!!! but a decision i do not regret ..Unexpected bonus that i love is the roll out rack !!!! so smooth !!!! here is my email , feel to ask me directed questions i highly recommend doing a demo on a unit ...Brad

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I tried googling Llve reviews. They are "Few and far between".
Most reviews were positive, except where parts or service was needed.

First Priority
Who can service it and what is their service record especially with the Ilves?

2nd Priority
Parts---where do they ship from and how soon?

It is interesting that Eurostoves did a video on Utube using the grill on an Llvs
(see the link below for the video)but now there is NOTHING about Llvs on their website---in fact a search of Llvs on their website turns up nothing. I would certainly want Trevor's input on the Llvs and why they "apparently" no longer carry it. I would post this question to Trevor, just in case He is not reading this thread.

As for Me I would go with the Viking and get a bbq with a rotisserie. I like the looks , especially the knobs better on the Viking and I "believe" it "may" be made in the US and not Italy but I would check that out yourself.

Also you have a couple strong fans for the Viking Induction Range here in Gardens Web and Zero for the Ilvs.

Good luck with your pending decision!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Eurostoves and the Llvs

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