GE Profile Icemaker repair

kinikiaOctober 6, 2013

My husband and I recently bought a house w/ a GE Profile side-by-side with ice maker and dispensing water, crushed or cubed ice. The water dispenser works. The icemaker has worked in the past for us, but now will not work. And I can hear some sort of motorized noise in the freezer even tho I now have the ice maker turned off.

The previous owner kept some records, and the appliance was repaired in 2010 for "dispenser issues" to the tune of about $250. Any one have any experience w/ this? Should I just count on forking out the $ for a repair?

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Please *always* cite the *model number* of the appliance of question. GE Profile is a marketing label that applies to numerous units in their line, it's not a model number.

Why did you turn the ice maker off? What is the nature of its failure to work? Doesn't fill with water? Fills and freezes cubes but doesn't eject them into the storage bin?

Turning off the ice maker is a separate thing from the dispenser mechanism. The dispenser involves a motor that runs the spiral auger in the ice storage bin to move cubes to the outlet chute, it'll run whether or not there are cubes in the bin. There's also a rubber flapper that opens/closes to seal the outlet chute against room air getting into the freezer. Not unusual that the flapper mechanism rusts and jams from condensation.

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The # is PSC25PSWA SS. I turned the ice maker off because it was not making ice. No ice in the ice forms. I turned off the ice maker because I was concerned that the motor would burn out. When it was working, the cube dispenser worked, and the crushed ice dispenser worked sort-of, but I wasn't concerned. Currently, the water dispenser works.

The reason I mentioned the dispenser is because that was what was printed on the repair slip. I don't know if the two issues could be related.

I should say that we stayed in the house several times before we moved, and each time we left the house, we turned off the refrigerator.

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Seems to be then that the ice maker isn't taking in water.

Could be the ice maker is bad, or the water valve is bad. Water dispensing and ice maker filling are separate valves (which is why water dispensing can work and ice maker not), although it's a unitary assembly so both must be replaced. Per parts diagrams your unit also has a flow meter.

The ice maker module has no serviceable parts, it must be replaced if bad.

A manual harvest cycle can be triggered thus: Turn the ice maker off for at least 20 seconds. Turn it on (green LED lit). Push the arm fully in/out three times. The harvest rake rotates and the mold heater activates. The water valve should energize for approx 5 seconds at end of the cycle.

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