Bluestar simmer - needs adjustment right?

cottonpennyOctober 23, 2012

I got my brand new Bluestar 6 burner rangetop 3 weeks ago.

The first time I tried to make something requiring a low-ish simmer was this weekend - braised cabbage. Even on the simmer burner, the cabbage was boiling away in a 5 qt Le Creuset pot. It was simmering lower on one of the 15k burners, but still not very low. My old cheapo Frigidaire was better.

Does it need professional adjustment? Or is it something I can do myself?

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Whoever installed your BS should have performed two adjustments:

1. Adjust the air shutters on all burners. This adjustment will allow for the proper amount of air/gas (controls the color of flames, lowers lifting flames, etc)

2. Adjust the minimum/low flame on all burners. This is done by removing the front control knobs and inserting a small flat screwdriver. Then turn the screw to adjust the burner flame height from high/low positions (this screw can initially be tight so a good screwdriver should be used).

The default settings on our rangetop had the low settings a bit high. They were adjusted down to only a small blue dot on each burner hole without any clicking. On the small (9k) burner you should be able to hold you hand over the burner when on low and it should not burn you - plus you can also raise the center round part of the grate if needed.

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Also in addition to adjusting the burners, LeCreuset is probably the worst thing to simmer in. It is cast iron so conducts heat poorly. All the heat stays in the base. Heavy copper or aluminum will simmer much better.

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I don't know what they did when they installed it. It was a new build so I wasn't here. I can only hold my hand about a foot above the simmer burner without burning when it's on low. And there is quite a bit more flame than a small blue dot.

I think the burners should be capable of simmering a covered 5qt pot without boiling dry. No matter the material, that's not asking a lot. As I said before, my low-end gas Frigidaire was capable of that.

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Does Bluestar still have the "White Glove" service? If so, isn't that supposed to take care of the initial calibration?

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I don't know. I don't think I received any white glove service that I know of.

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Here's a really simple test: put the knob on "high" and then turn RIGHT slowly as if to turn off. That will give you an infinite amount of control to lower that flame as low as you like. If it is much lower than your "low" then the valve needs to be adjusted as racmrc suggests.

You should be able to have a service call make the adjustments if you prefer not to.

On simmer you should have just little blue dots.


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Agree with all that has been said above. If you search this forum you will find one of my posts a while back where I adjusted the simmer on my burners. I made some mistakes and my thread will basically explain what those were and how to do it right! Good luck. This is a wonderful range.

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I also agree with everyone that has written so far. It is surprising how a small adjustment can make such a difference. It's easier to do the adjustment in a slightly darkened room, so that you can see the flame better.

Do the little 'trial' test that Stooxie suggests- slowly turning the knob back towards 'off' until the flames barely float but the ignitor doesn't start clicking. That will give you an idea of how low you can then adjust all your burners...when the knob is turned back to simmer.

To do the adjustment requires removing the knob. Rather than explain it, I'll link to buffalotina's post

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestar Simmer Fixed Do's and Don't

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