cutting silestone

misstheatreDecember 28, 2007

Has anyone ordered a slab of silestone from I have a vessel sink I'd like to use with silestone counter on the vanity but I'm unsure if I could cut my own hole. If so, would I need any special type of holesaw?

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Email them directly, they answered lots of questions for me. From what I've asked I think you need a qualified installer with special tools to do the job. You can also just phone a few installers to ask a few questions too.

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You need a saw capable of cutting stone, usually a wet saw. You may be able to find a diamond blade hole saw and run water over the area you are cutting, but likely it will be easier to hire a stone shop to cut it for you.

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Where is my head? I can't believe forgot -- I cut a 1 1/2" hole in my Silestone tile countertop to install a faucet. I used a hole saw I purchased in the tile section at Home Dept and made sure there was always a small pool of water where I was cutting. It took a long time, but made a nice, clean hole. My tiles are thinner than your countertop, only about 5/8" thick, so it will take more time, but it is definitely doable. Sorry about the first bonehead answer I gave. Maybe my brain is trying to block out my kitchen remodel to prevent further trauma.

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Thanks aliceinwonderland. I'm thinking if I can find a place to do this that will do a small piece of silestone then I will have them do it. My problem is that anywhere I go, they have a minimum square footage which is way more than I need. Hmmmmmm you have given me some hope.

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