Bosch Dishwasher - Virtually Silent NO LONGER

hillcountry-fairoaksOctober 17, 2010

Purchased a Bosch Dishwasher SHX45PO5UC for $1,000 for our new home in January 2010 - because of the virtually silent feature. We could not believe how silent the dishwasher was - only way we could tell it was running was to look for the red light on the floor.

About a month ago started hearing humming noises when I started the dishwasher and during the cycles of each wash and loud sloshing of water 30 feet away.

A bosch rep came out to the house after I contacted my builder. He was not very positive and was quite rude stating that the noise was common for a virtually silent dishwasher. The Bosch rep is going to check with the customer care division of Bosch to see if there have been complaints of noise and he did admit that there was water sloshing against the door for some unknown reason. Was told by my builder that he didn't think our one year warranty included noises.

Anyone else having loud noises from your VIRTUALLY SILENT


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Clearly something has changed.

Can you better describe the "humming noises"? Is it an electrical-type 60-cycle hum? Mechanical-sounding hum?

Sloshing noises making me think door not closed all the way. If there's a sensor/electric door-lock involved that could be the whole enchilada right there. Maybe open enough for sound to escape but not enough to leak. Maybe solenoid-lock failing to engage and buzzing because it's still trying to.

Obviously I'm fishing from cyber-distance. Not familiar with this particular machine but I do believe your noises are likely all the clues you may need.

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" he did admit that there was water sloshing against the door for some unknown reason. "

It's quite clear: water comes out of the spray arms that are spinning in a circle and some invariably hit the door.

And , what exactly is loud......and virtually silent?

Has anything else in your life changed? New dishes, load the racks differently, new rug, curtain, drapes,windows or other home improvement that may have changed the acoustics of your home?

No dishwasher is silent or even virtually silent - sorry folks.

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We have a Bosch that started getting a little noisy after only a few months. Ours cost about $500. Also, the soap door would not open. After a visit from the repair guy (for the soap door) doing tests and finding nothing, he suggested "working the door back and forth every once in a while". My conclusion was hard water deposits. So we now run CLR every month or two. The door does not stick and the machine quieted back down. If you have hard water try CLR. Citric acid will also work.

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In service we are starting to see a lot of detergent and hard water build ups in dishwashers since the detergent manuafacturers changed their formulas to remove phosphates. This build up happens everywhere in the d/w including the pump impellers. If the impeller gets any build up they are no longer as light and balanced as they were when new therefore they vibrate a little bit and that comes out as noise.
As mentioned above a citric acid clean out is the best way to handle it.
GE and Whirlpool have already put out service bulletins regarding poor performing detergents and build up.

Don't be too hard on your servicer as this information is getting out to the field in just the last couple months.

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will an off the shelf "dishwasher cleanser" work or do you need to use citric acid. My Bosch seems to have gotten louder over the last year as well, but I was resigned to the fact that it's a DW, it makes noise. I'm just happy I finally switched to Finish tabs and my dishes are finally coming out clean!!!

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Most of the off the shelf D/W cleaners are citric acid. The liquid ones like Dishwasher magic are the easiest to use because you just put the bottle in upside down and it automatically dispenses at the right time. They have a small wax plug that melts when the water gets hot enough.

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This sounds like typical Bosch customer service from our experience. We just did a Bosch 800 series review, which is significantly more money than this one. We were not impressed.

About the only thing you can do is hire a service company to see if there is something wrong. But that will cost you money as Bosch wont cover it. Until then, I wouldn't buy a Bosch D/W until they get their act together.

Appliance Buyer's Guide

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Same problem with Bosch. Very quiet at first. Now same as typical dishwasher. We have very hard water.

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Again this is not really a Bosch d/w issue as it is a detergent issue. We are seeing hard water and detergent build ups on all brands of dishwashers. The build up on the pump vanes throws the impeller off balance and this causes noise.
Run a citric acid cleaner such as Dishwasher Magic at least once a year but if you have really hard water you may want to run a cleaner every 6 months.
It really makes a difference and I have all my techs carry d/w cleaner on their van stock.

Until the detergent manufacturers figure out what they need to do with their formulas you will see this problem.

Where we used to only recommend powdered detergent I now only recomment Enzyme detergents such as the Finish tabs or Quantum. These wil give you your best results.

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Oh my god, I am so happy I found this thread.

We are in our second house on our second Bosch, we both the top of the line 800 model, the quietest one they offer, internal controls with display on the front.

Thsi thing started off near silent, and then a few months later we started to hear a loud swishing sound right near where the display is and sometimes it there is another internal noise that can get very loud, almost like something is knocking or hitting something.

I'm in Montreal, our water is normal, we don't need to use water softeners here.

We have always used those little rectangular pucks that are 3 in 1 that have the little red thing in the middle.

I've noticed the noise most when we use the longest cycle, Auto Plus I believe, I've also noticed the quietest cycle is now just the Regular one.

I've had technicians out 2 times and everyone says it is normal and to be expected, but that is very hard to swallow considering I had this machine for a period of a few months where the noise wasn't there.

If someone can solve this mystery for me, I would be eternally grateful.

I should also mention that I have run the dishwasher empty and without the racks and I have been able to reproduce the noise.

I stopped using the 3/1 soap with the red in the middle because the tech told me he thought it was getting in to the motor or something.

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I had a similar issue but after running some dishwasher cleaner, I think it was dishwasher magic, my d/w quieted back down.
I'm currently using Quantum tabs but I think I'll run the cleaner at least once a year since I have a medium hard water.

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how does one run citric acid and or clr in your dishwasher to clean out the gunk??

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Applianceguide: I just read your review and I am concerned because elsewhere in the appliance forum I read that with the new 800 series Bosch was determined to improve their product in reliability and had moved production of these models back to Germany to do so, and also that they were going out of production of all other consumer appiences to concentrate on that. If they still don't appreciate our concerns with service I may have to reconsider.

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Jakvis, this is great information. I am getting ready to move in to a new condo that we completely gutted and are renovating, and will be leaving my Viking appliances behind. It's good to know how to prevent potential issues with the new appliances, but also wondering if this could cause issues with the drain. We have had issues with the Viking for about a year. It was used for only three years. Thanks.

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Just to get back to this, Dishwasher Magic didn't solve this for me, neither did a new pump. Something keeps grinding near the beginning of the cycle, it wasn't like this when I first bought it, help please.

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Here's what happened to me. I installed a new garbage disposal and forgot the clear the plug out so the dishwasher would not pump out the water from the unit through the disposal. I got a lot of buzzing and sloshing. After removing the plug in the disposal, all is well. My thought is that maybe the drain line is kinked or blocked in your situation and that would cause the pump to buzz as it tried to remove the water and cause the sloshing because the water is not being removed from the dishwasher. Worth a check!

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