Have you sat in a Victoria and Albert Marlborough tub?

elizamammaDecember 10, 2013

Hi again,
I'm still obsessing about bathtubs. Has anyone sat in a Victoria and Albert Marlborough tub? It's a free-standing double ended soaker. I sat in a different model (Barcelona) which wasn't my style, but I really liked the Englishcast material. My concern is that the Marlborough isn't deep enough for a good soak, and there isn't one around here.
Has anyone experienced it?
Thank you!

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I had a Victoria and Albert Richmond tub in my last house and will have one in my new one........ I know you are asking about the Marlborough, but thought I'd chime in!

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Many posters here have commented on Tubz in Northern Cal. It is the largest showroom of bathtubs. I made a special trip (booked an overnight hotel) there, and am so glad I did. I was considering all sorts of bathtubs and was able to sample (and eliminate) a good many of them there. In the end, I decided that what I wanted was that with which I am most familiar: an old-fashioned claw foot. That is what I am getting...from Penhaglion.

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Oh that's good to hear carra, the Richmond is lovely. Zagy, I wish we had something like that out here, I'm near Boston. On the other hand, I think a trip to CA sounds fabulous, especially given the dreaded wintry mix outside my window.

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There is a place in Connecticut that might have a tub. You could give them a call. Granted, it's not sunny California, but if you don't mind driving a couple of hours you might have some luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Middlesex Supply

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No but we had the "Asia" model in our last house and just installed another in our new re-modeled house. We used the "cradles" on both.

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