Wolf Convection Steam Oven; Problems with Installation

Elizabeth7744October 5, 2012

I just bought a new sub zero refrigerator and an entire suite of wolf appliances, including their new E-series steam-convection. While I am enjoying the steam-convection oven, I am very disappointed with the installation of both ovens we purchased.

Here is the problem which I'd like feedback: The trim kit for the steam convection oven extends beyond the bottom of the oven. Having spent $20K on appliances, I expect the trim kit to fit even with the bottom of the steam oven. It looks just awful; kinda like fangs surrounding the oven.

In addition, the convection oven we bought also had installation problems. Twice a damaged oven door was sent to the installer who opened the box and immediately returned the doors to the Wolf factory.

Solutions: Has anyone else had this problem with their steam convection oven? How did you resolve it? Because changing the door fronts doesn't seem to be an option, it seems like Wolf ought to have a trim kit to connect the upper steam convection oven with the bottom convection oven.

What started off as a simple installation has turned into a 1 1/2 month ordeal.

To get help resolving these issues, I contacted the owner of the store where we bought all of our appliances. I included his response in quotes about the steam convection oven below.

"I have been in contact with our factory liason for Sub-Zero/Wolf. They are aware the trim kit extends a little beyond the bottom of the steam oven door. He said it has to be this way to allow room for the door to open if the steam oven is installed right against the top trim of the oven. This makes sense for some installations. He is going to try to find a photo of the two installed immediately together.

The rep also said he will be in Madison, WI next week at corporate meetings, and he will see if they have any other solutions. If they do come up with any other solution, just be aware Sub-Zero/Wolf never acts quickly!

I went by the Sub-Zero/Wolf showroom yesterday and the E-series trim kits fit their steam ovens exactly like yours. I also looked at the framed

version of the trim kit. I've attached a photo of it, and I think you

will agree the E-series looks much better. Also, it has the same situation with the trim extending a little below the door, so switching doors would not be a solution."

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I just ordered the steam oven with the e series oven together with sub zero and induction cooktop. did you get the framed or unframed version of the ovens? i got unframed? at the showroom they have the unframed versions and i didn't notice any problem? also do you have the steam oven on top or bottom? they say you can put it either way but i have been to 5 showrooms that have them and all of them are on top. i want mine on bottom. how is cooking in it? i can't wait but have to wait about 3 weeks

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