What to Replace Miele DW With?

dfw17October 12, 2012

I can't believe it. My Miele 892SCU Plus DW shut down earlier this week, apparently because the seal between the softener cartridge (?) failed and leaked. It's going to cost $495 to repair! It's 7 years old, which I didn't think was that old, but I also don't feel that it would be wise to spend that much to repair. So, now I'm considering what I would do if I instead buy a new dishwasher.

I'd like to spend $1200 or less, and am looking for:

- quiet

- water-efficient

- top cutlery rack (yes, I became a fan with using the Miele)

- durable

- probably ss tub

- stainless exterior

What should I be considering? I really liked the Miele, but I'm worried that it failed in such an expensive way.

Any suggestions welcome!



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I would get it repaired.

It is sad it failed in 7 years, but just about any dishwasher that requires a repair nowadays, such repair will not be significantly less than the $495 you were quoted, sad, but true.

Our Miele Optima is coming up on 7 years now, but is rarely used, but if it fails and I get a similar price quote, I would repair it--especially since ours is paneled.


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I'd like to spend $1200 or less, and am looking for:
- quiet

- top cutlery rack (yes, I became a fan with using the Miele)
- probably ss tub
- stainless exterior

I think you are Left with LG LDF series,Bosch 800 Plus, Miele Futura Classic,and maybe KA Superba.

Not a fan of LG dishwashers at all.

KitchenAid Superba Series KUDE50CXSS is just over $1200 and claims to have a cutlery tray but have not seen pictures or seen it in stores.

Both JD Powers and Consumer reports says Miele repair record is far superior to both LG and KA.

I would second Gary and repair.

And use Miele Dishwasher Conditioning Agent every 3 months to condition seals if not already doing.

Your second best option may be Bosch SHX7ER55UC 800 Plus Series. It not only has cuterly tray but water softner. It is $1109 at link below plus shipping. Bosch repair record is usually a bit below Miele.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch SHX7ER55UC 800 Plus Series

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And don't use vinegar in your dishwasher.

Yes,it polishes the SS but dries out seals and rubber parts.

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Wow. Repair the Miele. Hmmmmm. Interestingly, now that I've talked more with my husband he reminded me of our previous Bosch dw and how many repairs we had to do on that one (lots!). His vote is definitely not Bosch. (He also reminded me that our criteria needs to include a water softener, as we have hard well water.)

So a thought on the Miele is should I be looking at new? The reason I say that is that what I didn't mention in my original post is that we also need to replace a degrading filter basket ($99) and both main racks have exposed rust in several places.

It looks like the least expensive new Miele that meets our (revised) criteria would be the Crystal G 5105 SC, which I see online for $1399.

More pondering.....


P.S. - Thanks for the info on the conditioner. Didn't know it existed! Also, haven't ever used vinegar.

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In that case I would get the Crystal.

Here is a link that might be useful: MieleCare Collection: Dishwasher Conditioner

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If you've got a local store- check them out. I picked up a new Miele for $500 off- just because it's a discontinued model (my old Miele still works, giving it to DS). I needed one quick and couldn't wait & order (new cabinets going in).

Honestly, I doubt I'll ever have anything except Miele. One repair in 10 years on ours. My old DW's (kenmore, maytag & whirlpool) lasted less than 10 years COMBINED. When you add it up, Miele isn't that bad- I know I spent more for those 3 than the 1st Miele.

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Wow, I had never heard of the conditioner. I will have to look into that. Our Miele has been in use for 5+ yrs now, and I want to be sure it continues to work well for many more years.

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Well, my saga continues...

I went to my local dealer and looked at the Miele Crystal G5105SC.....looks great.....$1399. My dealer (who loves Miele and influenced my original Miele purchase 7 years ago) mentioned that there is a big Bosch promotion now on the SHX7ER55UC and would cost me $925. Wow, $500 less.

The dealer also expressed great surprise that I was having issues with my current Miele at only 7 years, and suggested that I call Miele Customer Support and tell them about my situation. He thought they might give me some $ toward buying a new Miele model.

So, this morning I called Miele, and had a rather luke-warm conversation with the tech support person. He said all he could do would be to discount the parts (only) on the repair...saving me $100 on the repair.

I'm sending my husband in to look at the Bosch at lunchtime. With a $500 price difference and my current Miele experience, I think we're leaning that way. (BTW, I looked at the Bosch on Saturday, and didn't like the racks as much as the Miele (they seemed less sturdy), but I could live with them.)


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this might seem like a stupid question, but if you get the part yourself, can you fix it yourself??
i have read several post here where people fixed their appliances for a fraction of the price of having a repair man come.
i would look into it, it might be worth it.

i am assuming this would not void a warranty since none was mentioned.

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If it were me, I'd repair it or replace it with another Miele but not with a Bosch. Too many mixed reviews about Bosch on this forum, especially the ones made in the US. While any brand has some bad units, Miele overall gets much better reviews. I'd get a KA (which I currently have) before I'd get a Bosch.

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Well, we ended up going with the Bosch; it will be delivered on Weds. I guess we were pretty annoyed with Miele, so we're going to take a chance. Weissman, I didn't read your comment until now.....we were sort of in a hurry (and in the middle of another mess -- getting hardwood floors refinished this week -- in addition to work, school, etc!) So I didn't even look at KA.

As for fixing it ourselves, my husband had looked into that one other time (when the door seal failed). We could save on the labor, but he found the Miele part prices are pretty well set by Miele and in current case the water softener unit would have still cost us $323 and $99 for filter basket. At least with Bosch, it appears that there is some competitive pricing on parts.

We're crossing our fingers! Thanks to everyone for your constructive input!


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$323 + $99 = $422. It's interesting that Miele could send someone to your house for less than the parts cost and install them.

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I would have gone with the Miele. Also, you should really consider adding a water softener for the house. Even though my Miele has a built in softener, I have a whole hose system as I live in a hard water area (Southern CA).

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