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love2sewOctober 15, 2011

What do I need to watch videos? I had the free version of flashplayer on my system but I was always getting reports from Secunia that my system was running 98% and it was always Flashplayer that was at risk. I would do the updates but it continually kept goint to an "at risk" rating. I totally deleted Flashplayer and now my computer operates at 100% all the time but I think I need it for videos.

Is there anything else I can use to watch videos? Lots of great information here tonight.

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When you say "flashplayer", I take it you mean Adobe Flash. I've never used Secunia and don't feel I need to. It may be a useful tool, but it's not perfect and neither is Flash. If 100% is good, I don't understand how 98% is bad if you were able to watch videos as desired. Just because Secunia thinks Flash is a problem doesn't make it so.

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There are two versions of Adobe Flash---one for Internet Explorer, and one for other browsers. If you have more than one browser on you computer, you need to get both versions or Secunia will continue to indicate that Flash is out of date.

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You need to provide more details. For example, what is running at 98% or 100%? If it's your RAM, it means your computer is deficient in the ordinary RAM that's needed for. operating your computer efficiently. My computer typically is in the range of 40% physical memory, but can get up to 70% if I have a lot of programs and windows open. If you are close to maxing out your RAM, it could also be because you have too many programs loading in the background at startup, or you could even have a virus.

If you're having trouble playing videos, it's probably not an issue of what software you have or don't have installed, but, rather, the physical limitations of your computer vs. the demands that video puts on it. Problems can also be caused by your connection speed. If you want some better diagnosis, you should provide the following info:

-Operating system
-Amount of RAM
-Connection speed provided by your ISP.

Without these basics, we're just speculating....

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Using secuinia is in my opinion a very good idea and I recommend it, and this is why, you know that secunia told you that you had an outdated flash player and it left you vulnerable, that is exactly what the secunia scan is supposed to do. Then it is up to you to follow where secunia leads you and UPDATE the item, what ever it may be, that is OUTDATED. Why does it happen so often because they are regularly finding new holes in the various programs and they put out an update to fix those and make it secure. Nothing stays perfect everything has to have updates. You are doing the right thing running the secunia scan you just need to continue through it and make sure everything it says needs updates is done.
and most definitely if you HAVE more than one browser on your pc whether you use it or not, you will need to make the changes on that one too. Flash has an IE version and a non IE version. you have to go get the IE version while using IE you have to go get the Non Ie version using that browser like firefox etc. If you only do one you will still show on the scan as being un secure.

The other things that have updates often are adobe reader and those are extremely important to do also. And Java. There is a very significant reason they do updates they find new vulnerabilities in their products and they fix them with an update. Just like windows does when they tell you that you have windows updates.

for example this link is for the NON IE version of flash player you would go while using your firefox browser to this site and get the update
Flash Player (Non-IE)

Flash Player (IE)
this is the one for IE you go while using your IE browser and get this one.

each time there is an update this is what you do. We all do if we are diligent about doing our security updates.

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Thank you ravencajun for clearly explaining what I need to do and agreeing why secuinia is a valuable tool. To others who were more interested just giving their opinion on secuinia, that was not my question so read before you bark!
Many of us come to this site for guidance and information because we are not so computer savey and the time you take to answer and help us is greatly appreciated.

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