WANTED: StacyS: I am going to throw me a party!

pkramer60February 25, 2006

My boxes are here and in great shape. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Yes, not 1, but 2 boxes from Stacy and I love my party items.

First, Stacy did a wonderful job of wrapping everything up so that nothing would break and then she wrapped them very pretty too. You will notice that when I first opened the boxes, the card that was enclosed was marked for me to read last. I was sure I knew who sent it but still she had me guessing. And to prove that I waited, there is a photo of everything unwrapped but the card.

You did a great job. In the boxes were a beautiful cheese board made of black slate, four cheese knives/speaders, along with some great dipping oil with balsamic and herbs. To serve the bread and oil, a ceramic leaf shaped dish for the bread and a smaller leaf for the oil. All this can be served with Stacy's favorite Pinot Grigio. And in case the bottle is not fully consumed, a hand carved stopper in African zebrawood. Stacy wrote that this is from a local craftman too.

Plus she sent a gift that I have already started, the book "Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul". I adore the Chicken Soup books, they always make me smile, laugh and shed a few tears.

Now for the photos...I tried to post the pics in the text, but I am doing something wrong, so here is a link to my swap album at Photobuckt. The first 6 are from Stacy....

Thanks again. You made me smile today.

Here is a link that might be useful: Party time!

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Boy, after seeing that I realized that I really, really need to work on presentation, lol. A Lovely swap for sure. I just adore the leaf plates.

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Oh WOW Stacy what a lovley and different parcel! I love, love, love, those dishes. Very different. Good job!

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That IS a lovely swap package, and I really like those leaf shaped bowls. The winestopper is very unique too, I love things made with wood.

Very, very nice swap package, Stacy, you did a good job.


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So glad my swap partner can count.

Those leaf bowls are amazing. Stacy, you must have some great shops near you. I just have the usual chains. Sigh. I guess that means one day I'll have to visit you!

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Okay - I went one pic too far - #7 is a tart of somekind (apple?) that I really really want a piece of right now.

Such pretty wrapping. I love it all but I especially love the cheese board.

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wow - that is some wonderful package Stacie - (I want to clarify that this is NOT me - although I wouldn't mind taking credit - lol!) I think it's Gardening with baby Stacy...right Ann?

love the cheese board. Great job Stacie! Enjoy it all Peppi...


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Peppi, I'm so glad everything arrived intact. I was a little nervous about the wine. I'm glad you like it. I really had fun putting it together. Enjoy!!!


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Peppi, "Tracey" not Stacy. LOL!

You just about gave me a heart attack. I looked in my records and I see that you are suppose to be receiving from Tracey. My biggest fear when I'm trying to match up names and send out emails is that I'll send the same name to two people. I'm thinking Oh boy, I really screwed up this time. Now what I'm I going to do. LOL!

Tracey, what a wonderful swap box. I especially love the slate cheese board. I love how you can write the name of the cheeses on the board.

Peppi, the stopper would look wonderful on a bottle of olive oil too.


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Whoever sent it that is a great swap package. LOL! I think those dishes would make good olive servers as well. Nice job.


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Peppi, Great gifts, enjoy the party.

Tracey, Lovely packageing and nice selection.


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Wow, Tracey, that package is something else! Those dishes are just beautiful. And wouldn't mind a touch of that Pinot Grigio, either! Enjoy, Peppi!

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Would Tracey please come forward and take a bow. LOL That is a wonderful swap package, and I also love the leaf shaped bowls. Enjoy it Peppi!

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Tracey and Peppi....those bowls are spectacular, really different. Very nice package.


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OMG! Tracey, sorry on the name mess up! What I didn't write was that a tummy bug hit me yesterday morning fast and bad and I was not functioning at my best when the boxes came. Boy do I have egg(with stringy stuff) all over my face.

I am not sure if the photo's do the leaf serving peices threir full justice, but they are a perfect match for my kitchen table cloth. They look so pretty on the table I still haven't moved them. Tonight I am opening the oil and wine with dinner!

Maggie, that was a french apple tart I made with the tart pan Sherry sent me last spring. I do need to make one again, it was so easy.

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Peppi, Glad you're feeling better. My best friend calls me Stacy, she always has.

Jessy come for a visit but there isn't much to do around here or many places to shop. I have one place that happens to have unique things. They recognize they can't compete with the big stores so they carry different things. I just love to look there.

Enjoy that wine tonight!


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I LOVE those leaf dishes! Very nice! The wine sounds delicious! Everything is is nice, too! Great swap package!!

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I also love the leaf dishes! Love them!

Great package. Enjoy!

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Great package!

When I clicked on the pictures I immediately went to the picture of the tart. I thought, wow, she received a tart pan in the swap and to show off the pan, baked a tart before taking pictures. :)

Love the slate cheese board. I saw some similar in my swap shopping adventures and it was one of the things I almost bought for myself. Isn't it funny to see all the goodies everyone receives and see a few things that a) you did buy for yourself or b) almost bought for yourself. :)

Tracey - love the wine and cheese theme. Peppi, enjoy your boxes of goodies.

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Ya know Peppi, we're not going to let you forget this.

((((hugs)))) and evil grins

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Love those dishes! Looks like another successful swap!

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Add me to the list that love the leaf dishes!! Great swap package Stacy...oh I mean Tracey! : ) Enjoy Peppi, hope you are feeling better!!


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Hey Lady, so you are going to save all that loot to toast when we get together in August, right?

Love those serving plates.

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Add me to the Leaves fan club:)
Think of the possibilities!

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So Peppi, have you had a bread, cheese and wine dinner yet? I love dipping oils and I think it's so cool that you can use so many of your gifts together.

You'll really think of Tracey every time you use them.

Good going Tracey.


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That's a super package. I love the leaf dishes, but that black slate cheese board is so pretty and unique!

Peppi, when's the party?

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Nice leaf plates! Nice package for a nice lady!

Tracey, you done good!

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What a great package; a nice blend of the durable and the immediate. The cheese plate is great, but I really love those bread-and-oil bowls. Nice job!

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