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ryans01z28October 4, 2012

I inhareted a spring time water distiller model 12 and not sure how it works. It holds what looks like maybe 20gallons of water and I'd like to get it operational again. My father In-law said they used to put some kind of chemical or something in it for the water but he couldn't remember what it was. After I get that figured out I would like to know how I can hook it up as my main source of water since our water is so hard, the wife says its hard on her hair!!

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You absolutely, positively cannot use the SpringTime distiller as your main water source for your home.

1. It is way too slow to provide the amount of water you need.
2. The distilled water would be way too aggressive and eat your pipes (unless you have all plastic)
3. IF you could find a large enough system, you would need a large retention tank and good sized pump to move the water through your house.

It is strictly a drinking water sytem.

If you want to remove hardness from all of your water, you need an ion exchange softener for that.

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