Uploading Photos?

jane__nyOctober 24, 2013

I upload photos from my phone directly to Photobucket. Makes life easier.

I would like to get the pictures on my computer. Is there a way to move pictures from Photobucket to save on my computer? I can't find any information on it.

I hope I can get the pictures as I have been deleting them off my phone after it uploads to Photobucket.


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Richard (chuggerguy)

I don't think you can download an entire album yet but you can do one at a time. When you're logged in and viewing one of your own photos, there should be a download link on the right side of the screen under "Media options". If not, you can always right-click the photo and select "Save Image as".

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I would never trust my only copy of ANYTHING to the security and backup practices of or the continued availability of any website. Unless you're unconcerned about the potential loss of the files. The fact that you're puzzled to do a download somewhat contradicts your comment "makes life easier".

Why not change the flow and instead move your photos from the phone to your PC and then to a website? Make a backup copy from the PC (to an external drive or card, depending on how much capacity is needed), then you have two in case of a failure.

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Well with the way photobucket has been lately it is much eaiser to use the phone app for uploading or at least that is the experience my friends and I are having as for a bit there was problems uploading from the computer. I so miss web shots.

You used to be able to download a whole album but if you notice when you are in an album and click more in the upper right it's there but it's not available yet so hopefully they are working on it again. Mary

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You are right snidely, I shouldn't use the Photobucket App to upload the photos to their site. I can't find a way to get them off their site to my computer. I've tried all sorts of things.

I thought it easier to just upload wirelessly to their site. I have an iphone and it takes time to download to my computer and then rotate them because the photos are always upside down. Photobucket presents the photos correctly.

Guess, no free lunches!


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I really like the app better myself. It's not a problem for me because on my android phone I have an icon that says back up so every time I take new photos they get backed up to the SD card in my phone for reloading if something happens. Then when I have time I send them to my computer. My whole phone gets backed up once a week or more so if I have to wipe my phone out all my games get saved at the level I was on when I reload them. Iphone must have some kind of back up don't they? Mary

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Jane, have you tried the vanilla ways of exporting your images? I'm a non-Apple user, but between itunes or a windows routine, there's something. Are you saying that's what results in upside down images?

Do you take a lot of pictures? What would happen if you were to attach them to emails on the iphone, and then sometime later (to allow transfer time), you would try to download the images from the email drafts to your PC (using a browser connection to your mail provider)? Are they still upside down? If you take a lot of pictures, you need something easy and not labor intensive, I guess that's what you're saying.

Crafty, on my android phone, the image files are saved on the SD card. If yours is the same, that's copy 1, not copy 2 (ie, not a backup). I don't use any backup software for my phone, but find that it takes just a few minutes every now and then to offload photos to my PC with a USB cord. I have a redundant backup process for all my photo files on the PC, so the ones off the phone just join in with what's done for others.

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Yes I know they are saved on the SD card but I have an icon that says back up. I click it and it backs up my whole phone to a file and it puts that file on the SD card, does that make sense?

I restored my phone once to test it out. After I factory reset my phone I clicked back up and then I could click restore and it let me select that file it made on the SD card and it restored all my settings, photos and everything just the way I had it before I wiped my phone out, even my address book too and everything in my note pad as I keep a lot of notes on my phone. Also it backed up my games at the current level. If you are on level 200 of candy crush you do not want to loose that as it takes forever to get there again.

If my phone died and I got another the same I could just put the SD card in and go to back up and click restore and select that file and the new phone would have all the same settings, background, notes and everything just the way I had it on the phone that died so that is why I like back up for me. I have my phone very customized and don't want to have to play around setting it all up again if something were to happen. I don't have to back up everything I can pick and choose so if I only wanted to back up photos I could but I do everything and I can make multiple back ups on different dates then just pick a date I want to restore too but I usually just over ride the one file every time so I have a current back up of the way my phone is. Mary

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"....does that make sense?"

No, not if I'm following what you've said. Normally a backup means to have a second copy, in a second place, in case the device or the storage medium (or both) fail or become physically unaccessible. A second copy on the same SD card is not a backup - when the SD card fails (I had one fail last year), you've lost those files.

"If my phone died and I got another the same"

Sure but how likely is that? I just got a warranty replacement of a one year old phone. The "same" model was no longer available, so I got a newer model of the same make. I needed to set it up again, it took 15 minutes. It has a newer Android version and it appears that even the standard apps use different folders. Your "plug and play' analogy wouldn't hold true.

Do yourself a favor, if it's the case that what you think of as your backup file is just a duplicate copy on the phone's SD card, copy it off onto your PC next time you have a chance. It's good protection and it's free.

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Oh I do have a back up of the file on computer as well as on a DVD. Believe me years ago when I was new to computers I learned to back everything up triple. Mary

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OK crafty, sorry if I misunderstood. I'm not sure you mentioned that you do keep "off the phone" copies, that's the right approach for files you'd rather not lose.

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When I download my photos to my computer, they appear sideways or upside down. When I copy them to My Pics I have to rotate each one. If I download to Picassa or Photobucket they always present correctly.

I did some searching on the problem and it seems its a incompatibility between Windows and Apple. People say Windows does this on purpose. Who knows, its a pain.


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Jane, which way is up if you email them to yourself and then detach them.?

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I can understand Jane's frustration, my sister sends me pics from Apple products and they are all on their side

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On the Photobucket 'Media Options' there is a download link, that works. But I'll agree with Chuggerguy above, easier and faster just to right click & "save as" to your computer.

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Yes but not to download a whole folder unless they added it finally in the last few days. On my phone so can't check. Mary

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