Going big with the range

Kettch23October 17, 2013

Hello all. I have read these forums obsessively and they are always so helpful but I need a bit more input.

My husband and I just bought our forever home and we are gutting it to the gills. We will be needed a new range but not just any range. We want to go big. We are both avid cooks and I am a fan of baking (breads, sweets, etc). We aren't looking to mess around here and are willing to put our money up for the right range. Now for the wish list:

We want to go "pro-style" because I like the integrated grill/griddle, the smaller oven along with the bigger one, and they are admittedly pretty sexy.

We are looking at the 48" ranges - 6 burners plus a grill/griddle. Anyone have a preference here? I am not afraid to go outside and grill in the rain/winter so I am thinking griddle since you can treat it like a mini flat top?

I'd like one that can boil quickly but importantly that lets things simmer as well (my mom's gas range can't simmer well and its a pain). I like to make sauces, soups, etc and simmering without boiling is important.

We want something that is going to last - we want to buy a stove like..once. ever. and love it. and for it to love us back maybe. (ok I am not asking too much am I?). If it starts acting up we like service people to not suck and to maybe come out and fix it (for free is nice). We like warranties and customer service. Also, we (read: my husband) are pretty handy so even something with parts available so we can fix stuff ourselves is a bonus.

After reading here I think I want the open burner which is limiting my options in the 48" category - but I am wiling to hear the other side of this coin if you want to try to switch me to sealed burners.

Also, I am interested in this dual fuel business...just throwing that out there.

So...help a girl out - I am researching myself in circles.

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Sophie Wheeler

First of all, can your kitchen support the size of cooking appliance that you're talking about? What about the 54" vent that it will need above it? What about the expense of the vent above it and the makeup air that you will need as part of the package deal of choosing such a large range. It's never just solely about the range. All of that other stuff comes into play at the same time.

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I would suggest you check out the new Platinum series range from bluestar. It's their latest model and comes with 25k btu burners, an interchangeable grill/griddle (although you can still probably get the dedicated griddle if you want), and a newly designed oven with true convection.

I have a 36" bluestar, and although it has none of the above features, I love it. It does everything you're looking for - high heat cooking, gentle simmering, and a terrific oven and broiler.

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hollysprings - you just gave me so much more to research! I have read that you can use a 48" vent on a 48" stove - that its the depth that matters? honestly, I hadn't thought about the hood but I did know I was going to need one (admittedly, I didn't realize they were also so darn expensive). I also have not ever thought about makeup air but it looks like many people just open a nearby window. How else does one get makeup air? We are building the kitchen from scratch and the stove is going to be our centerpiece (e.g. the kitchen will be planned around it) so accommodating the size of the range is not an issue.

gtadross: Yes! I have been looking at the bluestar Platinum - it seems kind of perfect except for the fact that it looks like they promised summer 2013 and it hasn't seemed to roll out yet. I can't find any info on pricing. I am glad for some good feedback on the bluestar in general, though. I also looked for the RNB but it weirdly seems like they have discontinued it (perhaps in preparation for the platinum - but right now there seems to be neither on the market?).

Thanks for the feedback so far, everyone!

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I also have not ever thought about makeup air but it looks like many people just open a nearby window. How else does one get makeup air?

MUA is a code requirement in many cities, for anything above a certain number of CFMs (as low as 400 in some places).

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Yes, make-up air is very often a code requirement.

Assuming you get past the hood and MUA requirements--in other words assuming getting the correct equipment is in your budget and your kitchen size is adequate for such huge appliances--in your shoes the first thing I'd look at is a 48' Capital Culinarian--see link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Capital Culinarian 48-inch

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Oh, and by the way, I've seen these sometimes at awesome discounts at www.DesignerHomeSurplus.com. It's basically an online high-end scratch and dent store. I've bought two things from them and the process went well, and the appliances were as described (there are lots of photos on the site).

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I have a 36" Bluestar with griddle, and a 36"x27" 1000 cfm hood. We don't have MUA in So. Cal. Windows are open all year long, so it is not an issue here.

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Re the platinum, a couple weeks ago I was told they're actively taking orders and that first shipments were to be in about a month. Take that for what it's worth, and I'd take that as "I'd order it if I wanted it and could accept that there may be a significant delay."

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Oh, and you mentioned dual fuel. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there are any open burner dual fuel ranges, are there?

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