Moen shower valve concerns -- poor fit

mabeldingeldine_gwDecember 6, 2012

I was all set to order a Moen 3330 3-way transfer valve for my shower. I am want a valve that will allow a tub spout, handshower and fixed shower and this seemed to fir the ticket. When looking at it this valve on faucetdirect, it got some bad reviews saying the valves were designed in such a way the valve trim did not fit correctly.

I have done some plumbing and feel like replacing a shower valve should be within my capacity, but now I'm getting nervous. This is our only shower so if things don't go well it makes life even more miserable for us.

Does anyone have any experience with this or advice for me? Should I look for a different brand? I'm not married to the trim or brand by any means.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give.

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I am SO glad you asked this question! I have been thinking the same thing--would love this setup, seems reasonable, and some reviews are fine. But, then you get these clear negative reviews with the trim not fitting (and with a picture to prove it).

Does anyone know if this is a problem specific to a 2x4 wall instead of a 2x6 wall?

I'd really like this trim and valve combo, and like the OP, have been reluctant to buy it because of these reviews. But, I haven't found anything equivalent that I like.

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I know nothing about the Moen, but have you looked at the Hansgrohe Unibox? They are not outrageously priced, and they allow you to control 3 outlets from one device. I think they also have the volume and temp control in the same device - although I won't guaranty that. I got the old Hansgrohe Thermobalance valve because I wanted just one thing controlling everything - wanted to avoid a second control. An online retailer that has a rep for good customer service is - you might look there for more info.

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Also, I am wondering if we should cross post this to the plumbing forum...

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Kirk, good idea, I will do so.

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