tiled shower floor- bad idea in cold weather states?

illinigirlDecember 16, 2013

we are having our tile floors in the general part of the bathroom heated....but what about the tile in the shower? Is that unbearably cold in winter months or does the hot water from the shower warm it up?

if tile is a bad idea on the shower floor, what's the alternative (walls will still be tiled)?

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Kohler makes tubs with a heated surface (Bask) but not shower pans. The water generally heats the shower floor up, there isn't really an alternative that I am aware of.

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I just looked up "heated shower floor" and apparently this is possible although I do not know if all locales would allow this.

Here is a link that might be useful: heated shower floor

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I've installed RFH under a tiled shower, but I think it's unnecessary unless it's whole-house hydronic RFH.

As you wrote, the shower water will warm the floor tile before you ever step in.

It's also one of the reasons I generally don't recommend tiled in benches in showers. Moveable wood stools or benches are much more practical with regards to space management. Thermally, wood is more friendly than tile. And overall, wood is more comfortable to sit on than tile.

Just my opinion(s).

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It isn't needed. Usually, I turn on the water before I get in the shower. The water gets warm and so does the floor. :)

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Babka NorCal 9b

The hot water from the shower will heat the floor no matter where you live.


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If you use the radiant floor heat as an alternative to a wall heater, the extra square footage is nice. Our climate isn't very cold but it is nice to have the chill removed by the floor when you step in the door to the room, not just the shower door. We have the whole floor done in radiant heat. Not a big deal to add the extra square footage.

We have central heat but our house is a pier and beam foundation, built in 1935 so we still have some draftiness on cold windy days/nights. This floor heat provides a nice little addition in a room that tends to have a higher chill factor because of the tile if there is cold weather outside.

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I have removable ipe decking over tile (on rubber feet) in my master bath, always feels warm and comfortable, even areas not warmed by water. Far more comfortable to stand on than tile. It was a relatively easy diy project, looks great too. Does add an extra cleaning step though, as you have to remove decking to clean tile. Adds about five minutes every week or two.

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