Stupidest question on earth about shower rods . . .

MizLizzieDecember 19, 2013

We are hastily putting in a kinda-sorta handicapped bath for my mother, who's looking at unexpected heart surgery. If all goes well, then a couple of knee replacements will follow. So, need a shower, not a tub. Need a curtain, not a glass door. Found a nice Kohler 48" unit until with built in shelves. Would like to get her one of those slightly curved rods, a double so she can have a decorative outer curtain.

I have one over the guest tub in my house and it works nicely. But in a shower unit? Will it work? Or will it pull the inner curtain away from the floor such that it escapes and lets water out? Or is it just a matter of keeping the curtain long enough?

Thanks in advance for any voices of experience.

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Does the shower have a curb? If so, I'd think as long as the curtains are long enough and weighted at the bottom, it should work just fine.

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Others will disagree, but I personally think a curtain on a standing shower isn't enough to keep the water contained. Shower curbs aren't deep enough - only a couple of inches - some water will escape. I'd opt for a glass door.

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As far as shower curtains containing water in a standing shower, it solely depends on how careful the shower occupant is.

If your mother pays attention to these sorts of this and is careful, it will be fine.

If she is related to my spouse, the bathroom will look like she sprayed it down with a garden hose. ;)

I have ZERO problems containing the water, because I actually look to see if the curtain is inside the curb before I start showering.

My spouse doesn't look to see where the curtain is hanging either before he starts the water, nor as he thrashes about in there...and the end result is not pretty.

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In the past, I've found that a shower curtain that fits will across the enclosure is better than one that is too wide. If it has pleats when it is fully closed, gaps are less likely to be noticed. Also, you can glue or stitch some added weights along the bottom of the curtain to keep it down all the way across inside the curb.

One problem with a curved rod is that the curtain will be pulled out in the center, and so be shorter along the curb. It depends on the amount of curve and height of the curb as to whether the center part will stay inside the curb without the ends being too long. (on the other hand, a pair of scissors and needle and thread can take care of that easily depending on the type of curtain.)

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OK, so as of this morning I have actual experience to report. Our shower is 62" x 32" and the curb is about 1-1/2" in height (about 4" in width) . We have a fabric liner and a fabric curtain, both 71" "tall" (very low-ceinling room). I admit i don't thrash around in the shower, but not only did no water end up on the floor, the curb was dry too!

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sjhockeyfan, fabulous. Thank you all so much. I am going to try it.

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